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Lunch on the water in Boston?

We have out-of-town friends visiting in a few weeks, and they want to have lunch in Boston at a place with a water view. If it serves lobster, so much the better.

They suggested Anthony's, but I've read the awful reviews of that place.

Any ideas?

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  1. Lunch wasn't bad at Sam's at Louis' of Boston. Great view; patio seating, light menu, good winelist. We enjoyed it.

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      Sam's all the way! I've been there three times now. Food is always excellent, cocktails are delicious and the view is the best I've experienced on the Boston waterfront. Service lags at times but the staff is very sweet and accommodating.

    2. Boston doesn't have much in the way of good restaurants with water views. I'd suggest heading up to East Boston to Scup's, which has excellent food (mostly lighter fare) and views of the water from its picnic tables out front.

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        I just had the same dilemma and was darned to try and find something on the water to bring out-of-towners. I've just recently went to Dante in the Sonesta on the Charles....that was ok..., But a simpler choice that's perfect for lunch was theZephyr at the Hyatt on the Charles. Burger, Sandwiches, lobster roll, salads and excellent thin crust pizza. Simple lunch fare, very reasonable prices, one of the prettiest views and.....(drumroll please) four hours free parking in their garage. We sat outside for four hours this weekend and it couldn't have been nicer. A stroll on the Charles after lunch is a great option, then take a ride down to the Moakely Courthouse for a walk, hit up the bakery at Sportello or Flour. Grab some coffe and sweets and head down to the pier at the No Name behind Legals' banquet building. The best views of the harbor, airport, boats, planes. Its simple...but great..

        348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

        No Name Restaurant
        151-2 Fish Pier, Boston, MA 02210

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          i recommend going to alive and kicking on putname street in cambridge and buy a lobster sandwich and head to the charles river.

      2. I've had a couple good lunches at Sail Loft. Standard fried seafood as well as sandwiches and pub food, and they do a pretty good steamed lobster. Clam chowder and lobster bisque were also good. Anyway, much better than Anthony's (although that's not saying much).

        Boston Sail Loft Restaurant
        80 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110

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          As a general rule of thumb in Boston the closer you are to the water the worse the food will be. Head up to the North Shore or Maine if you want scenic views and good food. A picnic along the water here wouldn't be a bad idea.

        2. I've had some nice lunches at the outdoor terrace of Oceana at the Long Wharf Marriot. Great views, not generally crowded and decent sandwiches. They do have a lobster roll.

          1. you can eat at yankee. right on the water. they have lobster. usually a good deal. and if you're there for a sound check at the pavillon, that's always fun for guests.

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              Yankee doesn't have a view of the water.

              For simple food including lobster, Joe's on the Waterfront has a nice patio with a waterview.

              I know a lot of people here don't like Joe's but I find the food to be OK and I'm sure they can steam a lobster and the location is great.

            2. How about Sam's Place in the Louis Boston building? Great views. Not sure if they have lobster. (Oops, I see CocoDan already mentioned it.)

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                the boston globe review of sam's was harsh, but i had a great lunch there and the wine list was well-priced and well-designed for such a small, low-key place. esti parsons, the gm, was charming as ever.

              2. No, no, no to Anthony's. Dear god, no. The deck is great, the food decrepit, so if you must go, stick with their wine list (rather decent the last time I checked circa Sail Boston 2000.)

                There's no great food on the water, so I'd recommend going to Tavern on the Water for the view (stick with a chicken sandwich or something equally simple) - the view is killer.

                Rowe's Wharf Sea Grille is OK view but better than average hotel food. I've heard OK things about the aforementioned Sam's at Louis. The Intercontiental's patio at Miel is another option, but you don't see much water over there.

                1. Has anyone had a Lobster Roll at James Hook this year? They've been delicious in the past, and great for a picnic on the water, but I haven't had one this year...

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                    I had 1 a few weeks ago and good as ever. I don't know if the crab rolls are new or not but that was also very good.

                    My only complaint about Hook's is that the roll isn't toasted but it is what it is so I usually skip the roll.

                    Good as ever; lost on a coin flip for lunch today to Silk's BBQ..:)

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                      Went to Hook yesterday for our first time (long time goers to Belle Isle). For $12, it's a very good lobster roll, but WHY MUST THEY PUT CELERY IN THERE??? It's only a very little bit, but the taste gets right into the lobster.

                      A bit too much mayo, and they don't toast the roll, but it's really about the lobster, and there were some nice tail chunks in there. Not up to Belle Isle standards, but I was very happy with my lunch.

                  2. Pack a really nice picnic, pick up some lobster rolls at J. Hook to top it off and take a ferry to one of the Harbor Islands. http://www.bostonislands.org/ferry-sc...

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                      second this rec. we just did the abridged version with a blanket under a tree on the greenway and delicious lobster rolls. couldn't find a better way to spend a summer day in the city.

                    2. This is going to sound random, but all of my friends swear by the lobster roll at Dog n Claw, on the plaza in front of the Aquarium (Central Wharf) -- I like the big dawg myself (can't eat shellfish myself), and you can sit on the steps right there and check out the harbor goings-ons...

                      1. I would second the suggestion to go to Joe's on the Waterfront. Great location and the food is ok. Getting one of the ferries to one of the harbor islands would be terrific with a yummy boxed lunch - but it extends into a bit more time than just lunch. Jasper White's Summer Shack has a snack bar on Spectacle Island (and maybe George's Island as well), and they offer grilled items (via a gas grill outside), chowder and drinks, so that is also an option.