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Aug 9, 2010 07:00 AM

Open on Mondays in Westchester, Western Fairfield?

Okay so we didn't plan ahead but it's my b'day today and we want to go out to dinner tonight. It's Monday and everywhere I can think of that is of interest is closed so need some help.

Doesn't have to be fancy schmancy but does have to be good. No particular cuisine requirements. Anyone have thoughts?

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  1. Le Jardin du Roi, Chappaqua. Nice place, good food, reasonable pricing. Lovely outdoor garden in front of the restaurant if it's not too hot.

    Bon anniversaire!!

    1. Happy b'day! Can you tell us which places were of interest to you ? This might help us make appropriate suggestions.

      1. Great night to try Birdsall House in Peekskill. I went there for my recent (weeknight) birthday. Food is delicious and interesting.

        My other Monday favorite is Umami in Croton. They had a lobster dinner special on Friday night, if that interests you, ask them if they're still doing it.

        1. So, where did you go? :-) And what did you eat?

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            Sorry Elisa - kind of left all hanging. We ended up deciding to go to Red Hat. We'd never been and I wanted a beautiful setting. We order too many appetizers as we had gotten quite hungry waiting over an hour and a half for an outside table. We had called earlier in the day and they thought it wouldn't be much of a problem - apparently it was. We also weren't able to go up to the upper level bar area to wait because we had our daughter with us so waited on the benches by the river.

            Anyway, that said I have to agree with a lot of the posts on Red Hat. The location is beautiful but the food, while not terrible, is not the reason to go. It was quite a mixed bag. I have a lot to comment on so will post the food details and my review tomorrow.

            1. re: laylag

              I look forward to reading your review...although I'm convinced from everything I've read here that Red Hat isn't a place I'd enjoy.

              Maybe you can ask for a birthday do-over. :-)