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Aug 9, 2010 04:29 AM

Poblano Pepper recipes

I've just discovered this delicious pepper and I've used it for fajitas. I bought a few the other day while shopping, yet I have no desire to make the same dish. Does anyone have a great recipe using these peppers? I don't want them to go to waste. :)

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  1. Poblanos were born to be stuffed - Google chile rellenos and choose a recipe you like - stuffing may include cheese, seasoned meat, shrimp. Chiles en nogada fillings can be complex. Batter ranges from egg washes to whipped egg whites to beer batter, there are endless variations. I make soup with them, too. Google how to roast then sweat and peel them. Glad to hear you have made a new friend for life!

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      I had stuffed poblanos last week that had a simple black bean stuffing with just a touch of cheese (queso panela), all bathed in a thin, lightly spicy red salsa. Best I've ever had.
      I'd recommend the OP look for this type of recipe in his/her search.

    2. Just a little tip... The place to discuss recipes and cooking is the Home Cooking board.
      Try posting your question there, you'll get a greater response:

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        Thanks for the tip, i'm just a Texas girl, I figured fellow Texans would know some Poblano chile pepper recipes. I'm new as you know, I'll get the hang of it. Thanks once again.