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Aug 8, 2010 09:09 PM

ISO Salsa Lizano, fresh epazote, plantains...

Anyone know where to find them in the greater Boston area?

I'm a recent transplant and have pretty quickly found Russo's, the Mt Auburn Armenian nexus, any number of Asian/Indian markets, and a few Italian groceries.

Where do I look for Mexican/Central/So. American food supplies?
I've got friends in the DR community up in Lawrence, but I'm looking for closer-to-home.

-- not afraid of "bad" parts of town, They're usually not. --

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  1. believe it or not, I saw Salsa Lizano at Ming's Market in the South End. If they have it there, they may carry it at Super 88 as well.

    1. Hi Lo in Jamaica Plain, Tropical Food in Roxbury, various small markets in Eastie or Lynn.

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      1. re: StriperGuy

        Hi Lo definitely has Salsa Lizano (among its varied fare).

      2. I second Tropical Market on Washington St in Roxbury.

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        1. re: southie

          Does Tropical market still carry Lizano?

          1. re: masshlx

            The answer to my question is yes.

        2. It would help to be a bit more specific about location, it also sounds like you might enjoy somewhere you could walk around and check out alternatives, but recommendations for hit and run shopping would be different than meandering. For the latter some areas, reachable by public transportation, that you could consider are Chelsea just south of Bellingham Sq -- Hawthorne & Broadway in particular (bus from haymarket, walking distance from Chelsea commuter rail), Broadway in East Somerville (mostly south of McGrath, but also La Sultana on the north side, near the Sullivan Sq T stop), and Maverick Square, East Boston. FYI dried Epazote is pretty easy to find, fresh tends to be more of a specialty foods item: early in the season starts are available at farmer's markets, you might call the Herb Lyceum and ask if its something they could bring the farmer's makets they attend.

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            You can also order it through Amazon, who will ship it from Costa Rica at a pretty reasonable price.