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Aug 8, 2010 08:26 PM

Amarone, Piedmont, Tuscany in 12 days

Hi all,

Heading to Italy for 10 to 12 days (with 2 days in Madrid) in Sept. Suggestions? The MOST important is tastings of Amarone......for just 2.

Other than that, we really hope to do the Piedmone and Tuscany regions in that time frame. Are we being overly enthusiastic, or can we do it? The most important elements of the trip - food and wine.......Have heard that some villages (Siena, Lucca, San Gimigniani (sp) are must does - tell me more....what must we see there?

Which wineries are Must Do's?

Which restaurants are Must do's?

We will stay where we need to for the best food and wine. Planning to have an overnight in the Parma/Reggio area, 1 night at least in Venice (must see the Murano glass), 1 or 2 nights to visit the 3 B's in Piedmont, at least in the Verona area for our lovely Amarones, and at least 3 in Tuscany, but perhaps more.

So many, so little time....


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  1. PLEASE take the time to do "Search this board" searches for the regions & towns you are thinking of visiting.

    Tuscany (Florence, Siena, Lucca,Chianti, Cortona, Montalcino, etc.) gets discussed here more often than any region in Italy and you will find hundreds of helpful recommendations and suggestions already here and available for you to review.

    Piedmont (Piemonte, Turin, Torino, Alba, Asti, Langhe, etc.) does not get nearly as much commentary, but I have been there twice and it is a wonderful place. There have been several posts about traveling there in recent months.

    Also recommended is finding a copy of Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler."

    1. Happy to find my old 3 "B"'s in Piedmont has become part of internet folk lore! (Piemonte : Ax3 +Bx3 = Cx3), but one or two nights only! Each A and B must have at least one day, don't consider less then 3 full days if you want to get a minimum experience.