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Aug 8, 2010 05:51 PM

Ham question

We just had a spiral-sliced ham for Sunday supper. Who buys these things anyway? How can there be over 400 Honey Baked Ham stores? We got it because a relative was moving and cleaned out their freezer. We had one once years ago and the ham slices were dried out and we haven't purchased one since that time. Knowing these hams dry out very easily, we heated it as directed, covered with foil. I took it out when the center was only 140 degrees. All but the center-most slices were dried out. So my question is, why are people still buying them? They must be people that don't really like ham but do like the convenience of having it already sliced. People eating this ham could get the idea that they don't like ham. The best thing about most bone-in ham anyway is the bone. It's just too darn hot and humid to make soup right now. I guess it can go into the freezer for a while.

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  1. My parents were fond of Honey Baked Ham back in the day. the folks never heated them, just served at room temp. As I recall, the hams were decent, but I've always preferred country ham.

    1. My SIL in Atlanta buys them. My SIL spends too much money on almost everything she buys, esp. food. And if they cost a lot and tasted great, fine. But I also find them ho-hum.
      PS: I don't have to worry about her reading this. Cooking isn't something she does much of ;)

      1. If memory serves me correctly, aren't those pre cooked? I do recall those always being a dry (and not very tasty) part of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. In that case, they only have to be brought up to eating temperature (120 ish)...which explains why they are always dry.

        1. We buy the spiral hams from Costco, I think they are Kirkland. We glaze them and then heat. They are not dry, and really taste good. We eat some and them freeze in small packets. I am not real fond of city ham being a Southern girl, I want country ham. But these are very good.

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            I bought one of these for a party to add to what I was making and people just raved about it.
            I don't think it helps any ham to be in the freezer-changes the texture.

          2. Used to get them for Christmas every year from the boss and clients. Somewhat of a treat because I wouldn't spend $50 for one. I don't think they're as bad as you say.
            They're franchises...that's why there are over 400 stores.

            Maybe the one you got from your relative was a little old....from the holidays? (8+ months old?).