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Aug 8, 2010 05:40 PM

Mid-priced restaurant between Penn Station and Grand Central?

I'll be taking the train into the city from Westchester and meeting people for dinner who will be coming in to Penn Station from LI. Can anyone recommend a mid-priced restaurant that is somewhere in the middle?

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  1. "Mid-priced" is not specific enough. What is your per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional)? Also, what cuisines do you prefer? Anything you particularly need to avoid?

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      I'm somewhat flexible on the price- not looking for a "fancy" restaurant, but we don't want to go to a pizzeria either. I guess something with entrees in the $20 range? We wouldn't want a steakhouse but anything else is possible.

    2. If you like good seafood, you can try for Wild Edibles along 3rd Ave. (bet 35th and 36th). The fish here couldn't get any fresher, they sell 'em on location. Plus, the dish excution are pretty good and are well thought-out.
      Caveat: it's a small neighborhood place and with a no reservation policy.

      Wild Edibles
      535 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

      1. Tell them to take the shuttle to GC and go to the Oyster Bar - less work for you!

        1. Shouldn't everyone be mindful of others and not snippy? I think the choices around GCT are much better than the Penn Station area, and think many chow hounders would agree.
          How about NIrvana- Indian on Lexington and 39, Great food, nice atmosphere, and wonderful service. The bar is great also.

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            Well said, rkaene, about how we should treat each other.

            As for finding good dining options mid-way between the two stations, it's kind of like looking for that proverbial needle. Taking 5th as the mid-point avenue, If they are willing to go south, there are too good options on 5th: Bar Breton, b/t 28th & 29th, and ilili, b/t 27th & 28th.



          2. closer to penn is koreatown, with many options