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Aug 8, 2010 05:05 PM

Aroa Fine Chocolates closed

I was in the South End today and made a slight detour for some chocolates at Aroa and they are GONE. Stripped-to-the-walls no-more-sign CLOSED. I just checked their website and it doesn't load; according to a Yelp post it looks like they've been closed a few weeks. I'd like to think that they'll open somewhere else (that location was terrible - easy to miss and just a little out of the way - a block towards Flour would have been much better), but the dead website isn't a good sign. Very sad - I thought their chocolates were wonderful and the staff was always very helpful and well-informed. Does anyone know anything?

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  1. That place was always deserted. Even a better sign would have helped.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      I don't disagree about the sign, but better chocolates might have helped too.

      The people were very nice there, but I split a dozen different chocolate truffles and a few beverages there one afternoon with a fellow hound and we didn't want to return.

    2. I tried going on July 21, for post-Toro dessert. The closed sign was up. I was seriously sad since I really wanted a couple of pieces of chocolate for dessert. I'm also bummed that I never got to try their hot chocolate selections.

      1. That's a shame. I liked that place.