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Aug 8, 2010 04:54 PM

Missing Gusti's

I visited DC this weekend and beat it over to M St. NW & 19th, hoping to eat at Gusti's Italian restaurant, but IT'S GONE! A couple of new restaurants are there. Anyone know when Gusti's departed? I hope they had a nice send-off.

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  1. I'm surprised anyone misses the place, it's been gone for years and years. What did you have there that you liked?

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      Lobster fra diavolo; Brolio chianti (tough to find in CT)

    2. I went there once in the 90's but haven't thought about it since. I can't even remember what I had there.

      1. I believe Gusti's disappeared in the early 1990s, right before Roma moved to Mount Pleasant, then folded. Of all the old Italian places, I preferred A.V. and Famous Luigi's to Gusti's. Bistro Italiano near Union Station is a similar style and reasonably priced.

        Bistro Italiano
        320 D St Ne, Washington, DC

        1. I looks like it closed in that late 90's circa 98. There is a Gusti's restaurant supply in Ronoake, I don't know if it's any relation.

          My boss and I went to Gusti's on a business trip. We didn't know anything about any restaurants. We ordered the Escargot in garlic cream sauce for an appetizer. It was the best damn Escargot I have had ever. We used French bread to mop up the sauce.

          Never have I seen anything that good before or since. It had been a special so when we went back two years later we couldn't get it. But I will always remember.

          1. I have a very, very vague recollection that there was some issue over the amount of the rent. Rather than pay the increase, they folded their tent. Of course, I could be remembering it wrong. I also recall that they had undergone something of a renovation within a few years before they closed, which would cast doubt on my original recollection.

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              Correct. Gusti's shrank their dining area prior to closing. I'd be inclined to agree with the rent assessment. Rents in Dupont are still very strong. The former Gusti's site was the home of Panang, which also closed recently. I imagine it will either be a burger place or an upscale cupcakery.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                "I imagine it will either be a burger place or an upscale cupcakery."