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Aug 8, 2010 04:15 PM

Nicholas' new $29 bar menu

As usual I was eager to try something new, so when I read that Nicholas was offering a new bar menu I was first in line. The deal is that you can get a three course meal at the bar for $29, but they choose the courses for you. There is a different menu every day except Saturday.

The Sunday menu looked like my favorite so we were there at 5:30 tonight ready to eat. I was expecting smaller portions or something different from the usual courses, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first course tonight was a nice salad and it came in a huge bowl, same as when you order it in the main room.

The main course was the lobster with the crispy pork belly, which I absolutely love. Again it was a full portion and as wonderful as always. This was followed by the chocolate brownie sundae.

So, we didn't get an amuse bouche or a loaf of whatever to take home, but we ate as well as anyone tonight. With a nice glass of wine and a pre dinner drink, including tip we got out for about $100.

The full menu selections for each day are on the website at the end of the bar menu. I definately plan on sampling more of these bargains.

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  1. Seal - Thanks for the report. I noticed the post on Twitter about the bar menu special and was wondering whether the portions were smaller to justify the reduced price. Happy to hear otherwise. I agree that out of all the menus, Sunday seems the best. Please let us know if you try others.

    1. $29 bar menu at Nicholas. $40 four course at Le Bec Fin. Happy days for food geeks. Sad signals about the "economic recovery."

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        MGZ - I'm not sure if you are aware, but Le Bec Fin is scheduled to close next spring. I guess it's a sign of the times.

        1. re: bgut1

          Indeed. We were down there recently and realized we must have been away longer than we thought. Suzanna Foo has retreated to the suburbs. Striped Bass is gone and the bell continues to toll for Georges’ s classic. Walnut Street is a very different place.

          1. re: MGZ

            it's a better place with young chefs all over the board rediscovering food movements and artisinal vendors and etc etc. not spurning obvious masterful chefs and institutions like le bec fin, but the philly scene was a lot of antiquated pomp, go to northern liberties or some of the cooler spots in fairmount to grab an idea. striped bass is still missed, however, without argument.
            post script question, has anyone ever tried the stone harbor/avalon outpost of blackfish, or the conshohocken original outpost? one more, the diving horse in avalon, trying to get some feedback for a soon-to come trip south

            1. re: longbranchgourmet

              I have no aversion to either the new trends or emerging talents. I suppose it's simply a bit of nostalgia for Restaurant Row of the 90s. For me, it was a time to enjoy still being in lowercase and explore an exciting food world that was really just beginning to bud.

              1. re: MGZ

                true. a the onset of a new defining classicism, completely understand/ center city was worlds away from south philly but despite the actual proximity, as a child it was indeed awe-inspiring and loomingly impressive. walnut and chestnut now are barely even drivable now with the constant construction and the eateries lost some luster