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Aug 8, 2010 02:42 PM

Late Dinner? Timing suggestions/location

Posted about a lunch but forgot to ask about a dinner!

Landing in Montreal at approx. 7pm. No checked bags, so hopefully a cab will be quick to our hotel (Auberge du vieux port).

This will be a Wednesday night early September. Any ideas on decent restaurants still open mid-week at a late hour? I'm assuming we'll need a 9pm reservation, and since its not a weekend don't know how many restaurants will be open (never been to montreal).

Love the Quebec/Montreal boards. Have such a long great list from reading through all the postings that now i think our 2.5 days is not nearly enough!

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  1. Let us know the type of cuisine you're after and whether you want something close to your hotel in Old Montreal or not so we can narrow down the options. FYI - you won't have any problems finding tons of restos open at 9 pm on Wednesday, so that's really not a concern. :-) That's not really late by Mtl standards - there are even a number of restos that have late-night specials that start at 10 pm, so 9 isn't even considered "late." ;-)

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      Great to know kpzoo (re: restos open late). This is our first trip away from 3 young kids (its for our 10 year wedding anniv.) so we are thrilled to be able to eat dinner late and not at 5pm with the kiddos!

      Would like to stick close to hotel (we will be venturing out thurs and fri) and prefer french-montreal type cuisine - we live in nyc and eat a lot of ethnic (ie Mexican-spanish-asian) meals here so we're up for some fine wine and good food more native to Montreal.

      Being this is a big splurge trip for the special occasion $$ isn't really a problem but packing light so again will likely be in more casual clothes and leave the dressy stuff for the next two nights.

      So excited...

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        I think the most important thing to keep in mind about any trip to Montreal (particularly one that is food-oriented) is that everything is very easy. As mentioned above, many restaurants are open late even mid-week, very few would require more than casual attire, and everything is relatively close (especially by NYC standards). Although the Old Port is starting to acquire a number of great restos (Club Chasse et Peche, Garde Manger, DNA, etc), I find that they are more upscale than is typical of the city. Within a short metro or cab ride (<$20) you could find a lot of places that I think best represent laid-back Montreal. I'm sure you'll have seen most of these recommendations on these boards:

        Chien Fumant - A new guy, great atmosphere, feels like you've uncovered a secret gem. Though not all reviews have been great, I found this place superb and NYC friends I sent there this weekend fell in love. This is the furthest from your hotel.

        Joe Beef/Liverpool House - These guys are much discussed here and by NY publications. They are quite similar to Chein Fumant, and in a part of town you probably wouldn't get a chance to see otherwise.

        Kitchenette - I finally tried this place recently and was really pleasantly surprised. The location isn't perfect, but its quite close to your hotel and its staff is maybe the best I've experienced anywhere. A seafood-oriented menu that's rather creative.

        Au Pied de Cochon - Much has been said... While it does have its flaws, this is a place I still go to regularly even after 15+ visits. Heavy food, but it is undoubtedly the most uniquely Montreal restaurant.

        Salle a Manger - I find this place similar to all those I've mentioned above, but my only meal there didn't wow me. However, many others find it great, so I'll mention it.

        For more traditional French-inspired food, Cinquieme Peche, Laloux, Lemeac, L'Express, Colombe, Cocagne, Les Heritiers, etc. would all fit the bill, but the first five or six are places I'd recommend to friends who had never eaten in Quebec. None are overwhelmingly romantic, but all are a lot of fun.
        Good luck and enjoy the trip - I hope this helps!

        L'Express Restaurant
        3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

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          Just went to Lemeac. It was fantastic! After 10pm they have a 22$ table d'hote special which includes appetizer and main course. You can of course go earlier and order from the full regular menu. Menu is all online:

          I also vouch for L'express or Laloux, do not know the others :)