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Atlanta/ local sources of grass fed, pastured, humanely and sustainably raised meat and dairy.

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Disclaimer: I'm completely stealing the title and most of the message below from another thread, because it's well written, and expresses my sentiment:

It seems like it might be very useful to have a dedicated thread to sources of all the above including stores, farmer's markets and individual farms here in the Atlanta of generally outlying area.

Some of us want to know that our food comes from humanely treated animals, or from eco friendly, sustainable practices, or want the healthiest, purest we can buy and some want all the above. Personally, I care about humane certification, sustainability and pasture time. I don't want my food dollars to support inhumane practices, and would rather not eat meat (which is yummy!), than contribute to a farm that treats it's animals poorly throughout their lives.

Locally, there's Fudge Family Farms pork from Alabama, and meat products available and labeled on the 1-5 scale from Whole Foods, and products at our local farmer's market.

Can others contribute to a list of producers that qualify? The more we ask, the more we know, and the more others know that we care.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi Cheesemonger -

    I too am trying to come up with such a list, mostly because I'd rather buy meat in bulk from a farmer and have it in the freezer than spend money weekly at the Kroger.

    I do know that you can find grass-fed, humanely raised Berkshire pork, Katahdin lamb, and Angus beef from Gum Creek Farms. I know a guy who buys pork belly from there regularly. Here's a link to their profile on Local Harvest -

    I'm sure there are plenty more, but that's the one I know off the top of my head.

    1. Riverview Farms' grassfed beef and Berkshire pork (everything the pigs eat is organic and grown on the farm) is available on Saturdays at Peachtree Road Farmers Market and Morningside Farmers Market (they also have a meat CSA - check their web site for details), and also on Thursdays at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. Tink's Grassfed Beef and Darby Farms (chicken) are often at the Wednesday afternoon farmer's market in downtown Decatur. White Oak Pastures is also a local producer of grassfed beef, and I've seen it for sale at Whole Foods, Sawickis in Decatur, Kroger and Publix.

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      1. We just signed up for a meat CSA from Bray Family Farms in Powder Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Bray are really nice people. I got to tour the farm when I was picking up. In the future I will pick up at a local farmer's market. We just had our first grassfed burgers from our share last night. Delicious!

        1. I get most of my food from YDFM... they say their meats are hormone and antibiotic free, humanely raised, free range, etc. Berkshire pork and Bell and Evans chicken are what I usually end up with. Super low prices. http://www.dekalbfarmersmarket.com/ I do wish they had more local products, but they tend to focus more on price and availability than location.

          1. We also use Bray Family Farms. It's a bit of a drive but during the warm months you can p/u @ farmers' market. It is beef, pork, and eggs. All delicious!! We over-ordered and i put my subscription on hold to finish everything in our freezer, I need to sign up again as I'm almost out! (Can't live w/out their sausage, it's SO good).

            1. When I was at the Whole Foods in Sandy Springs about three months ago, they had a 2-4 page flyer about all of the farms in the Atlanta area that sold grass fed meat. The flyer also had a list of reataurants in the Atlanta that served grass feed beef.

              Nicole in New Orleans

              Sandy Springs Cafe
              6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

              1. White Oak Pastures is where we buy our grass fed, no antibiotic, no hormone free range beef. We generally get a half or whole side of beef once every 6 months.

                For my sausage, salami, etc. I buy from Pine Street Market (their bacon is great too) in Avondale Estates. They source from Gum Creek Farms, and is where we get our pork from as well.

                For chicken and lamb, unsure but it is something I am looking into as well. I do know that you can get eggs from various farmers markets throughout the city that people have from the chickens they keep. We have friends that keep their own chickens and get eggs occasionally from them.


                1. There are always a few organic beef purveyors in the Ga. Market Bulletin under "Things to Eat." There are also organic eggs, etc. for those interested. http://www.agr.state.ga.us/mbads/Ads....