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Aug 8, 2010 08:27 AM

Roy's Waikiki - chef's counter?

We were thinking of eating here at the sushi counter/ chef's bar (seats overlooking kitchen) since we heard there's not really much of a view outside anyway. But then I've read how noisy it is inside. I know there are other Roy's in Honolulu but we're staying at HHV and probably would rather just stay nearby that night.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. It is noisy but fun. You could always sit outside for less noise. I like to sit at the bar during the day and have lunch. Not a full menu but all of the "classics" available and a great burger too.

    1. There's a great Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor of Waikiki Beach Walk, it's called KAIWA (where Roy's is located, mauka side). Delicious sushi...Happy Hour 5 to 6pm - practically everything 1/2off.

      1. The one problem that I have had with the various Roy's in Hawai`i has been the extreme noise level at all. Still, if one has to put up with that, the "chef's counter" would help out.

        I hate to admit it, but I have always had better food and ambiance at the various Mainland Roy's, and I know who the partner is for those. Not sure why the Island restaurants have such loud patrons, but all seem to have screaming folk, and that is not my style.



        1. Thanks for your replies. Now I'm rethinking Roy's for our "nice" dinner. Ideally, we'd like someplace with good food, a view, quiet/romantic, but also "dressy casual" (no long pants or dresses required). With our 6 hr time difference from the East Coast I imagine we want to eat early, maybe even timed to see the sunset. We're staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki but could take a cab if needed. Would really like Hawaiian fusion style cuisine with fresh, local ingredients - DH not so much into sushi, and we'll be at some local spots in Chinatown for lunches.

          I've been reading all the reviews I can find but I'm still confused. Appreciate any other ideas.

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            In Chinatown, I am a fan of Indigo, and they have never disappointed us. However, it has been a few trips, since we dined there.



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              Try BLT in the Trump Building-just a hop skip and jump from HHV

            2. Thanks again for all the ideas. After consulting with Mr.pwin we decided to book Roy's at the sushi counter Thursday night, and Mariposa on the lanai for the sunset and HHV fireworks on Friday night. They show two interesting tasting menus with wine pairings on their website.

              We arrive from NJ around 7 pm on Tuesday night. If we're hungry I imagine we will get something at the hotel. On Wednesday morning, our first full day, we are taking the "Hawaii Food Tour" which will give us a walking tour of Chinatown and tastes of many local foods. Not sure about that night - I'm afraid I might be still be so wiped out from jet lag that I won't be up to a big dinner. Maybe drinks and pupus somewhere close like the Chart House.

              The week ends with four nights of planned company events in Waikiki, so not enough time to explore all the places we'd like.

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                I'm going to the Lupus Foundation benefit Saturday night at the Hawaii Prince Hotel. I went last year and the line up of restaurants serving food is incredible and the wine selections are outstanding. I like Mariposa for the fireworks, great way to view them! Roy's is my favorite and I actually will be there Thursday night myself! :-)

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                  We'd be quite happy to support a good cause in return for that! Wine/food tastings are popular here at home for local fundraisers. I know how to find them here - is there any way to find such events with public access near Waikiki? We will be there in early September.

                  I've been pleasantly surprised by what appears to be a great foodie culture on Oahu. My first visit was 20 years and not very memorable, so I wasn't initially expecting much. It sounds like a vibrant restaurant scene and I'm looking forward to "chowing" down!

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                    Nice touch. Chef Yamaguchi supports one of our charities in PHX, and has for several years. We appreciate that support, and I try to personally say thank you, at each event. Gotta' let benefactors know how much you appreciate their efforts. We do the same with Reba McIntyre, Josh Grobin, Celine Dion, David Foster and many others. As board members, we could not do what we do, without their contributions.

                    Glad to see that Chef Yamaguchi is active in Honolulu, as well.