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Aug 8, 2010 05:07 AM

Home-made Indonesian food in West Houston

Yesterday was Indonesian independence day, celebrated at the Indonesian consulate in West Indoseian with a huge food festival. We knew we were on to something when, as we walked in, we saw score of Indonesian people walking out with giant bags filled with "to go" containers, bringing food home for their dinner. In something that i haven't seen since the original unregulated Caribbean festival about 15 years ago, all of the food was home-made; sort of like a giant pot-luck dinner. And it was fabulous and cheap. I suspect that, because the festival is held on the grounds of a foreign consulate, that city of Houston rules for festival food (must have 3 separate containers of water for cleanuip, no propane, allowed etc.) do not apply. I am told that you can also go there at lunchtime on Saturdays and purchase some of this great home-made food in their cafeteria.

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