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Aug 8, 2010 01:20 AM

Wasaga Beach and Collingwood Recommedations?

We are looking for some great bites in the area. Any recommendations?

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  1. avoid the huron club in collingwood, nice patio but terrible food-frozen fries, frozen burgers-not good

    1. Drive to Meaford (30 min tops) and you won't be disappointed at Ted's Range Road Diner. Also make sure you make a reservation.

      My review here:

      Ted's Range Road Diner
      , Meaford, ON N4L, CA

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      1. re: Sam C

        Stop telling people about Ted's, it's already busy enough! But yes, excellent food.
        My experience was a bison steak, and it was prepared perfectly. They do have good knowledge and experience cooking 'wild' meats. Haven't tried the seafood but I hope they local lake whitefish.
        More photos at

        1. re: Sam C

          I had an awful Bison Burger at Ted's last summer. The fries were good, loved the atmoshere, and I'd likely give it another chance...but my sandwich was dry and completely unsatisfying.

        2. catch 22 - try the ahi tuna and seafood chowder

          oh yeah, if you're looking for a burger, try the georgian family restaurant in wasaga, and order the 'hook line and sinker'.

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            Tell us more about this burger and Georgian Family Restaurant, always looking for something decent to eat in Wasaga!

            1. re: julesrules

              That one is actually in Collingwood. It's a pretty typical breakfast/lunch place. It's not my personal fave but it’s not bad and I know people like it.

              Closer to Wasaga is the Rockdell Steakhouse Tavern. Love it. In Collingwood proper is Green Mango Tree. It has better Thai food than any Thai place I've been to in Toronto. Or so I think at least.....

              In Elmvale (which is close to Wasaga) try Pieces of Olde for lunch, or Mad Michael's in Wyebridge for delish smoked/BBQ/grilled/Southern fare.

          2. I have a friend who lives in Collingwood - she recently mentioned a newish place downtown called the Stuffed Pheasant that she said was good. Tesoro is also quite good - sort of a wannabe Terroni.

            Tesoro Restaurant
            18 School House Lane, Collingwood, ON L9Y4H5, CA

            1. i recently discovered that bamboo terrance had opened a location in wasaga.
              i talked some friends into a visit last week.
              another friend had been a regular at the collingwood location as a kid .
              it is traditional 'canadian' chinese, with a push for some more traditional items
              it was packed when we arrived on a wednesday at 7pm-ish but had all but empty by the time we left at 9pm-ish.
              we had low expectation and a taste for the quality/authentic flavours of toronto.
              it was alright.
              we would return.
              the pad thai was very close to many i've had in toronto - it is as the menu warns 'hot'.
              the green curry at out neighbours table looked and smelled delish.
              the cantonese chow main was really yummy, full of meat, veg and shrimp.
              they have the chicken balls and combo plates, but they also have chinese WASAGA!
              we were pleasantly surprise
              the dishes were fresh and a nice combo of traditional and north american