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Aug 7, 2010 11:40 PM

artisanal creamery holy $h!zzle

I trekked here from astoria by car with my gf. It's hard to get here by public transportation I believe the nearest train station is the L and M at Wykoff.
The place was not that crowded, we tipped the girl and tried the tiramisu gelato, cannoli icey, chocolate hazenut gelato, cookie dough ice cream, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, mocha almond fudge ice cream, dulce de leche, lemon sorbet, and mango sorbet. I was very impressed with everything. The ice cream and gelato was better than anything I've had in manhattan and the price was cheap. You're able to have up to 4 flavors with 2 scoops since they have half scoops. I thought the place was momofuking good and high recommend it.

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  1. Hi daffyduck,

    The nearest subway station to Artisanal Creamery is Fresh Pond Road on the M train, which unfortunately gets VERY funky on week-ends, so you're right, the L train is really the only practical subway (unless you go during the week). Week-ends, Myrtle/Wyckoff on the L train is the place to get out for Artisanal Creamery.

    But anyway, Hallelujah!!!!!

    It’s finally been discovered by someone else on this board besides me!!!!!!!

    As I blogged about back in my post concerning the various markets and “specialty-type” food stores in my area earlier this year, this is the one truly great food place that Glendale has—and it’s a doozy. Here’s the link: (scroll down to the bottom to the section called “*****Nice Ice Baby****.”

    Things not to miss:

    A brioche roll that they’ll slice open, warm up and fill with the ice cream of your choice. (be sure to let it melt a bit so that it soaks into the bread. Wow!


    The vanilla – it’s just super creamy and wonderful

    The chocolate – it’s heavy duty and again super creamy

    The lemon sorbet – perfectly tangy sweet on a hot day

    Additionally, I really like the amaretto, the coffee ice cream, the chocolate with brownie bits and the hazelnut.

    They also make their own waffle cones and do a pretty decent espresso.

    I’ve talked to the owners (a super nice family) and they’ve tried making more unusual flavors in small batches in the past (e.g., fresh basil, pomegranate) but Glendale being what it is currently, these don’t sell. This Glendale factor also explains the presence of soft serve there, which I’ve never tried so I can’t say anything about what that’s like.

    If any of you hounds plan to try this, you’d better hurry since they’re only open from May to September!


    Glendale is hungry…

    Come to Glendale, the neighbors are quiet! (see neighborhood flag below)

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      thanks for the reminder about this place...tried it tonight, had vanilla, pistachio, and dulce leche..and tried the banana fudge...and strawberry

      Didn't care for pistachio, sort of chemical tasting...vanilla was excellent, nice and creamy--good flavor--dulce leche really good very very rich tasting, but lovely flavor to it--banana fudge tasty--and strawberry good flavor, but didn't care for consistency a bit too sticky--

      Consistency was creamy but a bit heavy--but definitely good, and very reasonably priced, a big plus. Not the friendliest counter guy, but certainly generous giving tastings...

      They also have milkshakes there and frappes which I would definitely get next time. They also had ices and some gelato flavors...Their ice cream is sort of in between the consistency of dense creaminess of gelato, but heavier tasting..if that makes any sense at all...

      I guess my barometer is the best homemade ice cream I've ever had is at Bellvale Creamery in Warwick, NY---their ice cream blew me away. I definitely think this place is better than Blue Marble in Brooklyn ,and about 1/2 the price and without the pretension, or environmental hoopla...

      Definitely check it out, it's a chow worthy spot. Thanks for the heads up..glendale is hungry...
      Still haven't made it to the raw spot, organic village--will do it soon, I passed it leaving the creamery....coming up Cooper...

      Don't laugh but I had a fantastic grilled vegetable sandwich on herb foccacio with szechuan slaw at California Pizza Kitchen in Atlas Park the other day----if you happen to be there, don't be afraid to order it!