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Aug 7, 2010 11:03 PM

Help me find a Paris restaurant I visited 5 years ago and had the best Ravioli meal of my life-18th arrondissement?

My husband and I visited the most amazing restaurant in Paris 5 years ago on our honeymoon. Now, we want to send my sister-in-law there when she's in Paris this week on her honeymoon. Have no idea if it still even exists, with the rate of restaurant turnover-- but it's worth a shot!

It was a very small (maybe 10-15 tables) restaurant--we were the only male-female couple and english speakers there, so not a touristy place at all and either a gay neighborhood or restaurant, on a very quiet residential street. I remember walking past the Moulin Rouge area to get there-- within a 5 minute walk from there. White tablecloths- kitchen to the right after you walk in.

Even though the menu was entirely in french and we didn't speak a lick-- the owner was amazing and guided us through everything. We had the most AMAZING goat cheese ravioli- and my husband had some pasta served in a little glass jar. They told us they have a special "ravioli night" every week (Saturday nights?) where they serve all different kinds-- unfortunately we weren't able to make it back.

I saved their card, but have lost it in the years since. If anybody has any ideas- I would love your input!!!

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  1. From Moulin Rouge, did you walk
    1. up the hill?
    2. down the hill?
    3. on flat grounds?

    And was Moulin Rouge on your right or left as you walked past?

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    1. re: Parigi

      We think it was flat and then downhill, moulin rouge was on the left side of the street, then we walked a few blocks, we turned right down a winding side street- going downhill.. we made a wrong turn or walked too far some and had to come back up a block.. that all probably doesn't help :)

      1. re: goldiebean

        Could the street have been rue Henri Monnier or rue des Martyrs?
        I live in that neighborhood and am breaking my head thinking gay ravioli witih kitchen on right side of entrance…
        Da Camino has a kitcheny-looking oven on the right side of the entrance. It is a pizzeria and may have a ravioli night. But it is decidedly hetero.
        Uh, if you are still in speaking terms with your SIL who recommended it, why not ask her? At least for the name.

        1. re: Parigi


          Maybe-rue des Martyrs sounds familiar. The kitchen is hidden, actually through a tiny hallway, couldn't actually see it, the owner or manager was also the waiter (maybe even the chef!) and kept going back there.

          It is actually us that went and am looking to recommend to my SIL :)

          1. re: goldiebean

            Rue des Martyrs is my 'hood. This afternoon I will walk up and down the street plus its side streets à la recherche du gay ravioli perdu. Will report back.

            1. re: Parigi

              I LOVE YOU. It was small and very elegant, spartan :) Also- if it helps, the entrance is at the right, the restaurant spans with windows overlooking the street to the left of the entrance--not very deep. tables (maybe booth seating along the wall) and then another set of tables by the window.

              1. re: goldiebean

                Sounds very much like Le Radis Rose. You turn right from the boulevard onto rue Rodier. The restaurant is on the left side of the small street.
                It used to have a pinky décor.
                Ooooooo yes it was a gay place.
                The kitchen is on the right, somewhat hidden.
                OK if it is the Radis Rose, I have good news and bad news for you.
                Bad news: It has closed.
                Good news: It has reopened as a Taiwanese southseas place serving good satay (but not that spicy).

                Here is a link with pic:

                1. re: Parigi

                  If Le Radis Rose is what you were looking for, the new resto is called 37m2.
                  Better reserve. It is very popular.
                  Here is a review with pics:

                  Btw, it is south of the boulevard, which means it is in the 9th, not the 18th.
                  Le 37m2
                  66 rue Rodier
                  Métro Anvers
                  01 48 78 03 20

                  1. re: Parigi

                    That's it!!!!!!!!!! You are so amazing- my foodie sherlock holmes. Makes sense-- we stayed in the 9th- which is probably why we got the recommendation and went. SO sad that it is closed :(

                    But excited for the new recommendation- I will pass it along.

                    Thanks again!

                    1. re: goldiebean

                      While I have you here-- any other mid-range amazing restaurants? they are vegetarians (they do eat fish/dairy-- just no meat)

                      1. re: goldiebean

                        I must admit I have not paid attention to the vegetarian-but-this-and-that persuation. It's like I'm hetero except Tuesday night and Sunday morning. I mean, dude, who can keep track?
                        All restaurants have fish dishes. They should be ok.

                        My friends like an Indian vegetarian place, Krishna Bhravan. Not particular central, but everyone raves about it.

                        Are you still talking about the 9th? My mid-range faves in the 9th are Carte Blanche and Pétrelle. Both have fish dishes of course.