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Aug 7, 2010 09:44 PM

I know it sounds crazy, but looking for non seafood places in PEI

I know this sounds like a crazy request, but I'm taking my mom on a trip to PEI next month and am looking for great non-seafood only places to eat. I'm allergic to all seafood and my mom, who has lived in New England her entire life, doesn't like lobster for some reason. A shame, a crying shame I know, but I live in Seattle now (which also has amazing seafood) and I don't get to have any of it here either! It doesn't have to be non seafood, as my mom loves everything but lobster, but I've been on the board a bit and read some great reviews of those restaurants nd was hoping for some other great ideas. We'll be there for four days, staying in Charlottetown but planning on driving all over, so any area is fine, and anything from your favorite breakfast spot to great local pub to fine dining would be great to hear. Thanks so much!

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