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Aug 7, 2010 09:38 PM

places to eat on drive through Maine (with overnight in Brunswick)?


Next month my mom and I will be driving to PEI from New Hampshire, so of course we'll be spending a lot of that drive in Maine. I'm looking for fun places to stop and eat in both directions, as well as a spot for her birthday, which we'll be spending in Brunswick on our way home. We're driving on 1-95 most of the way, so maybe places in Portland, Bangor, Augusta? I'd love to hear about places that aren't that far off the path of our drive that people love and recommend. Nothing too fancy- and I'm sad to say but I'm allergic to seafood though my mom eats it and loves it. As long as there is something else on the menu I'm fine but can't eat a bit of it so some of those great small lobster places are lost on me. I grew up in New Hampshire and used to go to Maine often, but after 20+ years in the Pacific Northwest I'm afraid I don't remember much and would love some local expertise!

thanks so much-

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  1. We went to Back Street Bistro last night. It is casual. I wore shorts and a t-shirt.

    I had an awesome sesame encrusted salmon dinner. My wife had mussels and Buffalo Mozzarella with Beefsteak tomatoes that were excellent.

    Although we didn't try them, there were several non-seafood items.


    Back Street Bistro
    11 Town Hall Plaza, Brunswick, ME 04011

    1. In Brunswick, I don't think you can improve on El Camino for the kind of casual meal you're interested in: a little seafood, but plenty of other delicious, California-style Mexican food with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients, and very reasonable prices.

      1. Shain's of Maine in Sanford, Toots Farm in Yarmouth, North Street Dairy off the 2nd Waterville exit............those are your ice cream stops, be sure to post an ice cream report!

        Ice Cream Wells Rd, Sanford, ME 04073