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Aug 7, 2010 07:44 PM

The Chinese food truck at U of T

I seem to remember this truck from long, long ago (not with the same guys). As in 21-23 years ago, maybe?

Wanted a cheap dinner last night and thought I'd walk up and get something from them.

I got Singapore noodles. Girlfriend got beef and veg on rice. They were both something like $5.50 for what could basically be two lunches each (four lunches total for $11.00). Even for dinner eating the entire serving is probably more than is really necessary. So lots of food for your $5.50.

Singapore noodles: by absolute standards it is not very good (no real heat and no complexity to what heat there is or to the curry, missing all the traditional goodies and flavouring components like the tiny dried shrimp, etc.) But as a $5.50 quick Toronto dinner it's really very good. Definitely better put together than many of the restaurants on Spadina, the Spring Rolls type places and so on.

The best way I can describe it is Singapore noodles done by someone who knows how to do proper Singapore noodles, but is cooking down to a $5.50 selling price and cooking down to requirements for not carrying stock of "esoteric" ingredients in the truck. It's really quite well done for the price.

It's funny - cooking "down" what's supposed to be street food to begin with, to a price.

The beef and veg on rice wasn't so good though... mushy rice, with a strange "whole grain" taste to it (that's the best way I can describe it). Nothing special about the beef or veg. Just a decent amount of food for the price with nothing to really recommend getting it again. The rice just wasn't good.

Didn't detect any MSG in either dish.

My suspicion is that the noodle dishes and soups may be better than the rice dishes.

Anyway it's decent cheap eats

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  1. It's called Wokking on Wheels and has indeed changed hands (or woks). I started a thread on this recently

    The noodle dishes are cooked from scratch - the rice dishes come from a steamer, so they can get a bit mushy by the end of the day.
    Indeed the dried shrimp are now missing from the Singapore Vermicelli - but if you want it spicier just ask - but be warned that the 'additional' spicing comes from chili rather than the base curry, so the balance is a bit off. However, the overall texture is very good, with the bean sprouts still crunchy and the chewiness on the pork (or beef if you choose that option for the same price) is just right.
    And HUGE portions.
    Still one of the best deals in Toronto.

    1. Isn't there a couple of them on St. George?

      I usually go to Wokking on Wheels, the one that parks right beside Robarts. Decent el cheapo singapore noodles, great price and portion. It's basically two meals.

      Anyone tried the other two? Kee's and that other one that parks south of Harbord?