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Aug 7, 2010 06:52 PM

Goat Ribs...Any recipes?

I bought two racks of goat ribs at the farmers market. They're dethawed and I rubbed them with some salt and pepper. I'd love to make some delicious with them tomorrow...but I have no idea where to start.
I love birria tacos...any kind of birria, really; but I'm I'm to anything (although I do have much better access to Mexican ingredients as opposed to Indian).

Any advice?

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  1. I hope some suggestions come here. We're heading to Brazil in a few weeks where we can get goat easily. That sounds so good.

    1. i like to do braises with ribs. if it's young goat, i'd use white wine, older goat would hold up well to red wine or beer. i brown the meat and remove from the pan. saute aromatics like onions, carrots, bay leaf and garlic. add the meat back to the pan and pour enough liquid in to nearly cover the meat. bring to a simmer, then just let it bubble away til falling off the bone tender.

      again depending on the relative youth of the animal this could take 2 hours or 6. you can strain the cooking liquid and reduce it for a sauce. i often add an acid here, like oj or lemon juice.

      1. You could do Jamaican curry with them the ingredients should be easy to obtain.
        Birria is a great idea as well.
        To do an Indian version you really do not need a lot of specialty ingreadints. Just look for Mutton recipies (goat is ofter called Mutton in India(southern)).

        1. ttp://

          This is my typical goat rib recipe.

          1. The goat that I usually get from Indian groceries might be called 'cubed goat', frozen goat that has been cut into cubes on the band saw. As such it includes all sorts of cut bones, some clearly being the shoulder. This makes a great stew or braised meat dish that can have Indian, Mexican, Caribbean, or other character depending on the spices and vegetables. I don't know if the ribs require the same lengthy braise, or whether you get by with something similar to slow roast pork ribs.