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Aug 7, 2010 05:17 PM

HELP - Foodie friends from San Francisco are visiting me in one month & I just moved here this week!

Hi there,

I am a San Francisco CH'er, and I have just moved to Hong Kong this month. I am trying to get up to speed on the food scene b/c our first guests arrive in early September. They are BIG TIME foodies, so want to take them to some tasty places both high end and hole in the walls. They are here for 4 full days of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

I am planning on taking them to the following places based upon the posts I have read:

Bo Innovation: they are big fans of COI in SF and Alinea in Chicago - Bo sounded to be of the same ilk
Fu Sing: sounded like a good place for dim sum given all the positive posts I have seen
Yin Yang: how hard is it to get a reservation? Also - any thoughts on if it is worth going? I saw some early positive reports, but have not seen any recent posts. Also - does anyone know of some other good "secret kitchens?"
Lei Garden: sounds like a good place for them to try true Cantonese cuisine
Tai Cheong: for the egg custard tarts
Tim Ho Wan: dim sum
Lung King Heen: dinner

Any misses on my list? Also - any other recommendations of "must-try" places.

Appreciate all the help!

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  1. Hi PW,

    I am also from SF. Been here since last Oct.

    I've been both to Coi and to Bo Innovation. Bo Innovation is interesting but not particularly enjoyable. I have a theory about tasting menus...if you see a lot of gold leaf, someone's trying to make up for a less-than-spectacular food. In all honesty though, we have been to Pierre and Robuchon too, and I thought the bill was more memorable than the food.

    I actually found Lung King Heen to be a fantastic place for dim sum. It's serene, has a great view, delicious treats, unobtrusive service, and is a decent value (<HKD 600 for three people).

    A good place to get the scoop on no-expenses-spared dining is Diary of a Growing Boy:

    Places we've had excellent experiences:

    Sky Lobby at the Sheraton in TST (cheese, wine, light show, oh my!
    )Spring Deer in TST (raucous atmosphere, yummy duck)
    Honeymoon Dessert in IFC Mall (vast menu of Chinese desserts, addictive)
    Nino's Cozinha (nice terrace, excellent meatballs)
    Wu Kong Shanhainese (Michelin star I believe, just very yummy)
    A Lorcha in Macau

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: chloehk

      Pressed "post" and a few more came to mind.

      HK is a wonderful place to try different styles of food and regional Chinese cuisine.

      Yunnan cuisine -- Yunnan Rainbow in CWB
      Chiu Chow -- Shung Hing Chiu Chow in Sheung Wan
      BBQ -- Wah Fung on Wellington (great egg white fried rice too), but there are prob. much better
      Hotpot -- Hotpot Instinct in CWB (black truffle and squid balls!)

      You probably know about OpenRice, an invaluable reference for HK restaurants, but not a reliable first source.

      I find Jason Bonvivant, who reviews there, to be a pretty close match to my taste and California POV.

      1. re: chloehk

        ChloeHK - thanks for the tips, I appreciate you taking the time! I have recently discovered Chui Chow food, and am becoming a fan, so will definitely have to try your pic in Shueng Wan. I'll let you know where we end up going.

        So, another non- food related question... how long did it take for you to adjust to this heat? Do you ever get used to this?


        1. re: pwu_88

          Not sure I've gotten used to 80 degrees F and foggy ;-)

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