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Aug 7, 2010 03:35 PM

What's good in Boothbay this year?

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  1. We tried the Lobster Dock while In Boothbay last week. The food was very good. We tried a variety of items including, clam chowder, lobster stew, lobster roll, steamed clams, lobsters & also baked scallops. Everyone was pleased with their choices. It is self service so there is usually a line. Your food is delivered to your table by pleasant servers. Beer & wine are also available.

    Lobster Dock
    49 Atlantic Ave, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

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    1. re: lexxie

      Thanks for the timely review. We're in BB on vacation right now.

        1. re: harry_sparrow

          Harry - I thought we'd see some new input but since you're there now I'd like to share some favorites. I agree with Lexxie that the Lobster Dock is fun, if not a little pricey. I won't be there until next month so I can't comment on anything special this year.

          McSeagull's is fun. It's one of those places where it's good to know the menu - All is good but they can't specialize in everything!

          The Boathouse Bistro was awesome last year - A favorite for dinner.

          Breakfast favorites are Andrew's Harborside, Center Cafe, and Ebb Tide in that order. I'm partial to the roast beef hash and cinnamon rolls at Andrew's. They're not bad for dinner either.

          If you are looking for the best take-out fried fish look no further than Bet's!

          Another great take out deal is the Trevette Country Store on Barter's Island Rd - IMO the best lobster rolls!

          Have you had a key lime pie from Phil's? Simply amazing!

          If you plan to venture out to the Pemaquid penninsula I plan to check out this place this year: If you go please let me know what you think.

          I'll watch for postings from you in case you have any questions. Have a great vacation!


          Lobster Dock
          49 Atlantic Ave, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

          Ebb Tide Restaurant
          43 Commercial St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

          1. re: kmhayes

            We love the pemaquid lobster co-op. Great food great prices. Most places in the shopping area of boothbay are tourist traps. Have yet to have a good meal/value in any of them. Kaler's i found especially poor. The ice cream factory is a good spot but i still prefer RoundTop in damariscotta. Betts is great, love that place. I have not tried the lobster dock will have to add that to my list next time.

      1. Thanks for all of the recommendations, especially kmhayes. We just got back from BB and are already counting down the 50 weeks until we return.

        We never made it to Pemaquid. The coop is 5 miles from us as the crow flies, 33 miles and 55 minutes by car, according to Google Maps. The place where we stay is on the water with a dock where I tie up my kayaks. It is so perfect we are not inclined to waste an hour driving out to Route 1 from Boothbay, traveling up or down Route 1, and then traversing yet another peninsula.

        You may get the impression that I like salmon. It’s my favorite seafood, but the quality varies (see below).

        Here are the places where we dined. Service was good at all of them, so I did not comment individually.


        Baja Fish Tacos – Excellent, fried haddock was fresh and tasty, but jalapeños make them fairly spicy. I am a fire-eater, so this was OK by me.

        Haddock Sandwich – also excellent and very fresh.


        I had one of their tapas, which was very good. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what it was now and I can’t find it in their online menu. Oh well.

        Haddock Sandwich – very good.

        TIP: The 3rd floor deck has a great view of the harbor, but when seated at a table the railing obscures the view. The stools at the bar are taller, giving a better view.


        Halibut Special – delicious.

        Salmon – disappointing; the taste was off, i.e. less than fresh.

        Sautéed Lobster Tails – excellent.

        TIP: Half-price cocktails in the pub every day from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, plus 2 half-price appetizers. This is a good deal.

        ANDREW’S HARBORSIDE FOR BREAKFAST (Where’s the beef?)

        I had the Harbor Hash: two eggs, toast, and roast beef hash. The “hash” had very little meat – more like home fries than hash. Disappointing. You must have hit it on a better day kmhayes.

        MONTSWEAG ROADHOUSE (Route 1 Woolwich)

        Blackened Salmon Fish tacos – excellent.

        Ribs – very good.

        Bottom Line: good food at good prices.

        LOBSTERMAN’S WHARF (East Boothbay)

        Blackened Salmon – excellent, way better than the Thistle Inn.

        Twin Lobster – also excellent.

        Since the cottage we rent is about 3 miles from Lobsterman’s Wharf, we tend to go there often. We like to dine on the deck, watching the boats in the Damariscotta River. Lots of boaters tie up here to eat too.

        Thistle Inn
        55 Oak St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

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        1. re: harry_sparrow

          Harry - I'm bummed that you did not like the roast beef hash at Andrew's. They've been very good for the past few years. Unfortunately Boothbay being seasonal can be very inconsistent. I'm going next month and I will report if things have gone downhill.

          Thistle Inn is on my list for this year, and I thank you for the Montsweag Roadhouse review - I've often wondered about that place so maybe we'll try it this year.

          Your experience at Lobsterman's Wharf is interesting - Formally a favorite but about two years ago the ownership changed and we had a 'never again' experience. It just goes to show how seasonal Boothbay can be. I'll put them back on the list this year.

          Lastly, I recommended Pemaquid only because I like to take an occasional road trip and I like that ride up and around through Darimiscotta, but like you we have a beautiful place to stay and there is really no need to venture far from Boothbay.

          I look forward to comparing notes with you next year!

          Montsweag Roadhouse
          942 Us Rte 1, Woolwich, ME

          Thistle Inn
          55 Oak St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

          Lobsterman's Wharf
          PO Box 143, Edgecomb, ME 04556