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Aug 7, 2010 03:02 PM

Tamarind Tribeca - what's all the hype about?

We went to dinner last night @ Tamarind Tribeca.

The service was average - the wait staff was awkward, and the seating was uncomfortable. But that's not the point - the food...was blah.

We ordered Punjabi Mutton, Dal Makhni, Tandoori Roti, Laccha Parantha, and Basmati Rice.

The only thing that was truly delicious was the Dal Makhni. The rest of the dishes were average at best - The Punjabi Mutton was floating in a thin watery gravy - we've had better goat at quick take out places than here. The Roti and Parantha were nothing special, and when I pay $5 for a small bowl of rice, I expect better than mass cooked cheap quality Basmati- and lukewarm at that.

The beer list is unimaginative - and the pink grapefruit mojito I ordered was undrinkable - bitter grapefruit juice (probably from concentrate), a piece of fresh grapefruit that had clearly borne the brunt of the muddling, and a few broken leaves of mint - with some alcohol.

All this is forgivable when you are at a typical 12.95 Indian place - not when you are paying $50 pp without wine. Another Indian restaurant in the city - another disappointment. The only place that offers less for more is Devi. Waste of a Friday night dinner.

Off to La Sirene next week...

La Sirene
558 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

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  1. I agree. After being a big fan of Tamarind in Flatiron area I was excited to visit the Tribeca location for my birthday. The service was great but the food was totally a let down with some of my favorite options not even available...and (yeah, off the subject) worse even...if I didn't choose this venue, I would have been suprised with dinner at Daniel.

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    1. re: JoJoBlackhawk

      been there 3 times.
      1-at the bar alone for the lunch menu
      2-at a table with my wife for dinner
      3-at the bar with a friend & asked the mgr. to put together a tasting menu.
      all were superb! biggest problem was the portion size--way too much food.
      tamarind flatiron vs. tamarind--no comparison--both are great, yet, totally different.

      1. re: sambolef

        Portion size? You must be joking - I ate here and we tried several different dishes. Although some were very good and the service was amazing we still left hungry!

    2. I totally agree.

      I live two blocks away from Tamarind TriBeCa and was psyched to see the space being filled (we don't have a lot of good indian in the neighborhood). My fiancée and I ate there with some friends, and while the company was great, the food was so-so. The service was sloppy - at times it felt like his English was lacking, to the point that communicating our order was a challenge. The space is just too big and somehow already feels like it's seen better days. It's a mediocre experience at best. Coincidentally, it feels similar to Thalasa (though the fish there is superb) - big, financial-y, but sorta kinda meh. I contrast that with service, ambiance and food at The Harrison, Corton and Pepolino (some of my local favorites), and it's just no comparison.

      281 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

      239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

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      1. re: glewtion

        I too agree ...Tamarind is all style and not much substance....

        Food is very mediocre....This may get some people riled up but I find Tamarind on 22nd street to be very average as well. I don't eat meat so my view is based on the veg. portion of the menu.

        There is much better north Indian to be had in the city. Hell, even Saravanaas serves north Indian now and my one experience was terrific...