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Lallouz - Kebaberie

I finally got the chance to try out Lallouz, a new cafe that opened up very close to where I stay.

The menu consists of different kebab options, like chicken with harissa, lamb with dates and sage, and a bunch of others. You can order fries or salad, but I just went with the sandwich option. I had the "cherry bomb" which was Beef Kofte with cherries and herbs. It was served inside a grilled lafa bread with some coleslaw. The kofte was nice and moist, and very flavourful. The cherry flavour was subtle and delicious.

Something on the menu that I have to try next time is the Pogomez, a merguez sausage deep fried with chickpea batter. It sounds unique and tasty.

They have 49th parallel coffee and they have a bunch of homemade pastries etc. The carrot cake looked amazing. I was very tempted.

The place is beautifully decorated with a very light and spacious ambiance. I really like what they've done.

I'll definitely be going back to try some different things, and I would highly recommend you check it out.

Lallouz - Cafe - Kebaberie
69 St-Zotique E.
(514) 439-6969

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  1. I live near there too. Can you give us an idea of the price range?

    By the way, the former Korean restaurant one block down from there at the corner of St-Dominique and Beaubien is a rĂ´tisserie now, Doum et Nick. I've had good chicken from there; Doum also does pork.

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      The kebabs are around $7. They offer a plate with 2 kebabs, salads, lafa bread and juice for $12. The pogomez was $3. I think fries are an extra $2 or so. All the prices included tax.

      Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check out Doum et Nick.

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        Prices did not include taxes when I bought 2 chicken sandwiches. It was an interesting taste. Not shish taouk but marinated none the less. A bit too expensive at 7$+tx for 1 sandwich.

        Pet peeves: They wrap their sandwiches in aluminium foil. A big NO! NO! in my book. I hate to fight with the foil to unwrap my sandwich and to find out that I bit into a piece when my teeth start having a shock reaction.

        Overall a good experience for my taste buds.

    2. Tried this place for dinner. The kebabs surpassed all expectations - totally knocked our socks off. We tried the beef & cherry and the lamb & date. In both cases, the fruit was primarily there in spirit, mixed in and giving a lovely overtone to the finely-ground and perfectly-grilled meat. Delicious. The fries were fresh-cut and crispy, and the little dishes of pickled veggies to start the meal were a nice touch.

      It's located directly next door to Bottega, with little to no signage outside so it's easy to overlook.
      They do not appear to have a website. As described above the decor is quite cute, kind of nouveau-baroque - a mix of white furniture with some antique wood pieces and decorative flourishes throughout. Highly recommended.

      65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

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        We, too, were blown away by the kebabs -- very subtle on the spices, letting the ingredients speak for themselves but helping them just enough. And very prettily presented, too, with mint lemonade. Miam miam miam.

      2. I went there tonight with my boyfriend and we had the falafel plate and the feta and lamb kebabs. These main dishes were fresh and delicious, along with the courtesy mint lemonade and variety of salads/dips that they served as appetizers (our sides included hummus, tomato salsa, fennel and orange salad, a bean salad, and some others that I can't remember at this moment but that were nonetheless delicious). Everything was thoughtfully seasoned, they give a healthy serving, and the food is served with a nice homemade flat bread. The food is perfect for summer, and the people there are super friendly. Definitely a worthwhile spot to check out!

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          Someone wrote in the Restaurant Closing thread that Lallouz might be expanding to take over a former mexican resto on St-Laurent north of Mont Royal... any info on this?

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            I was walking along St-Laurent last night and, indeed, there is an "opening soon" sign at that location for a Lallouz-Kebaberie.

            1. re: foodinspace

              does anyone know if the St.Laurent location is open yet? or when?

          1. Have been meaning to check this out for a while now, and it just so happens I have a group of 10 people wanting ME to choose a place that will suit them all for dinner. Lots of fun, not too ethnic and plenty to drink (or BYOW).

            It sounds like it fits the bill for the first two, does anyone know if they have a liquor license and what their drink prices are like?

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              Is there a website? A menu somewhere online? I called last month and they told me one but it did not work.....

            2. Lallouz opened in the Village about a month ago. Does anyone know if the restaurant relocated or if it is a second outpost?

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                The one in Little Italy is certainly still open, passed in front a couple of days ago.

              2. I just tried their location in the Village, and was pretty impressed. It's an excellent addition to the otherwise mediocre at best offerings in that part of town, and the $12 lunch special is probably one of the more affordable deals in an area that caters largely to tourists at this time of year.

                We tried the Kefta, lamb, chicken and feta kebabs. Like others have noticed, the seasonings were very nicely blended into the meat, and the portions were just right for lunch, what with the added sides of coleslaw, potato salad, roasted red pepper/tomato dip, hummus and marinated green peppers. The mint lemonade was a nice refreshing treat that probably would have gone great with a bit of the Hendricks gin sitting behind the bar.

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                  1. re: hungryann

                    1327 Ste-Catherine E., between de la Visitation and Panet.

                  2. re: davekry

                    It's not the lunchtime special. It's always $12 for the salads, 2 kebabs, and the lemonade.
                    It's my new favourite place :)

                    1. re: MiNicole

                      Hi everyone! Still figuring how to edit information on the restaurant, but for now, here are the deets you're all asking for! All three of our locations are now open!

                      1. Our first, at 69 St Zotique E, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 until 9 pm. The number is 514 439 6969.

                      2. At 1327 St Catherine E from Monday to Friday for lunch from 11-2 and for dinner from 5-11, and for dinner on Saturday from 5-11. The number there is 514 507 7371

                      3. and at St Laurent, Monday through Saturday, 11-11. The number there is 514 507 7371.

                      Both St Laurent and St Catherines have liquor licenses, though St Zotique does not. Here is a link to our website (http://lallouz.ca/) though the menu there is not the full one (yet!!). Our wine goes from 25-80$/bottle, beers are around $5 (as are shots), and our cocktail menu goes from $8-12.

                      See you soon!! And thanks for all the love.

                      -- Lallouz

                      4561 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1R4, CA

                      1. re: Lallouz

                        I'm glad the addresses are posted here as the location info is missing on the Lallouz website. We went to the St-Laurent location today. My kids were very keen to try the pogomez as they love merguez sausages and pogos. They were not disappointed and declared the fries as wonderful as well. They kept exclaiming and planning return visits in the future.

                        We enjoyed the wonderful salads and nearly spoiled our appetites devouring them with the hot bread before the kebabs came. My particular favourites were the eggplant and the roasted peppers. The lamb kebabs were great, not sweet as I thought they might be considering the dates. The lemonade was perfect with the food and we all rolled out of there very satisfied.

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                          mergez pogo!!!! WOOT!!!! That is just so awsome!!!


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                          Fix your website please. It's very annoying to navigate on it.