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Lombardi's vs. Arturo's

We are staying in the area of little Italy, transplanted New Yorkers, now living in Fla, yearning for the pizza of our childhoods.

We went past Lombardi's today at 3pm and discouraged by the hour wait. We are also within walking distance of Arturo's on Houston. Which restaurant has the better pizza?


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      Second Arturo's--and ask for the fresh mozzarella...with whatever extras you also order.

    2. arturos. also love their clam pie

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        dissenting vote for lombardi's. i know, everyone slams lombardi's, but the times i go there (generally off peak), the pizza always comes out perfect and i love wolfing down that first slice.

      2. We stayed in Soho last weekend and had fantastic pizza at Arturo's, better than Lombardi's in our opinion (crispier crust). plus the atmosphere at Arturo's is much nicer, wonderful live piano jazz all night when we were there. We sat at the bar for dinner and it was great fun... outdoor tables as well which is nice!

        1. Arturo's for sure but why not both?
          The clams oreganata at Arturo's looked sick.
          Live music is a definite plus.
          For dessert dont miss the rice pudding place.
          Managia and forza pizza.

          1. Arturo's.
            Why wait on the Lombardi's line with the tourists?

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              Arturos makes a great pie.

              Lombardi's is so bad. So very very bad.

            2. Arturo's, said the NE Ohioan. GREAT music, great pizza, and the salads taste like candy.

              1. Pssh to people saying Lombardi's is "bad." While perhaps the weakest of the iconic NY pizza options, it's still better than 95% of the pizza out there. Hungover it gets the job done. I wont get into whether pizza is like sex, and therefore impossible for any of it to be truly entirely bad.

                But yeah, the pizza at Arturo's is so much better. And the experience is so much nicer too.

                1. They're different style pizzas. I've never been wowed by an Arturo's pizza, but I also could never in good conscious suggest anyone wait in the Lombardi's line during summer. The pizzas have to suffer from a rushed staff when there's a mob lined up halfway down the block.