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Aug 7, 2010 12:23 PM

Pork Shoulder / Boston Butt - What's your favourite recipe?

I've been making Carnitas using this recipe for a few years now, which is absolutely delicious, however I'd like to try something different. Any suggestions appreciated.

I do not have a barbecue or smoker, for the record.

The carnitas recipe I've been using (try it, it's great)

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  1. Do I only get to pick one?

    This slow-roast pork shoulder from Fine Cooking is out-of-this-world delicious:

    As is Food & Wine's pork sugo (and this also freezes well without the pasta):

    And finally, Cook's Country did an old-fashioned pork roast on their PBS show a while ago that's spectacular when apple cider is in season (requires free registration):

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      Those look awesome thank you! I signed up to the cooks country website too, was worth it once I realized it's america's test kitchen, they always do cool things. That pasta looks crazy good :)

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        I have GOT to try those - yum - -

      2. There was a pretty good recipe for southern-style pulled pork BBQ in Cooks Illustrated alas, the link is behind a pay-wall. What was interesting was they smoked it for part of the the time then covered it with foil and finished in the oven. Pulled the whole package out of the oven and put it in double brown paper grocery bags to cool down slowly for an hour or two before pulling it.

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          That's pretty close to typical smoking recipe, though the oven finish shortens cooking time. When I bought my smoker, I researched pulled pork. It's very common to smoke for say 10 hours, then foil tightly, stick it in a cooler, and let it sit for a couple of hours.

          Very good resource is

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            That sounds so good. I love that Sprite is an ingredient! We had a restaurant near us called Fonda Coyoacan that served Mexican "home cooking". They made a Coca-Cola Chicken Fricasee that was great.

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              I used to work for a company where the facilities guys were all Filipino. When we had office potlucks they would drag out a big grill they'd welded together back in their shop and make this fantastic barbecue. Their English wasn't much better than my Tagalog, so I never could get the recipe, but I know it had Sprite as a base. Years later, I found this recipe and I'm sure it's the same thing, or pretty close. I haven't tried it on chicken yet because I can't stop making the pork!

            1. A pernil is my go to for pork shoulder, but it's a three day marinade affair in my house. Here's a much simpler one, just the basics but with delicious results:


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                I love pernil from the Latino delis in Brentwood! I'd have no problem with the long-form. Can you share your 3 day marinade?

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                  Yes, be happy to, let me get it to you in the morning.