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big w [Wingdale]

Our kids attend camp near big w so we check in twice a year to sample the food. While I generally subscribe to theory that there is no good bbq north of NC, Big W is the exception to the rule. We found great ribs, pulled pork and Big W does well with one of the most difficult cuts, bbq brisket.

The first good sign when you arrive at Big Ws is a barn with two large smokers and a big wood pile. It's become harder to find bbq cooked over wood, even in the wiles of NC. We arrived late on drop off day, the restaurant was packed and they had just run out of ribs so we ordered half a pound of fatty brisket, half a pound of pulled pork, mac and cheese and oven baked cabbage,

I'm a certified kcbs bbq judge and I'm happy to report the brisket was better than 95% of competition brisket. Yes, I've had better brisket in hill country in texas, but this was the best brisket I've had in the east. The pulled pork was moist and delicious and we loved the side dishes. My wife declared this the finest bbq meal she's eaten in a restaurant and I've dragged her to bbq shrines all over the country.

We stopped by again on the kids pick-up day, this time for brisket and ribs. While the brisket wasn't quite as otherwordly as the first visit, the ribs were delicious. At a competition they would have been marked down a tad for a little too much fat but the presentation and taste were exceptional. My wife tried the corn pudding as a side and it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Too bad Big W is an hour and half away from our home but we're already looking forward to next year's visit!

Big W's Roadside Bar B Que
1475 Route 22, Wingdale, NY 12594

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  1. Thanks for reminding me... I've heard about these guys, but never got there. Maybe tomorrow!!! Gotta go see.

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      Went yesterday. Best BBQ anywhere in the region... best I've had outside of Lockhart (Texas hill country) as well. Warren really knows what he's doing. Very low, very slow gets you that tender finish. Tried brisket and ribs. Excellent. The cabbage side was wonderful, too. Worth the 50 min. trip from lower Westchester.

      Big W's Roadside Bar B Que
      1475 Route 22, Wingdale, NY 12594

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        Warren recently added a second person to help carve and pack take out which really helps move the ever increasing line along. Yes, his BBQ is the best until you get as far south as Virginia (Red, Hot and Blue in Winchester, then Cork'y and others in TN), but the brisket and ribs can be a bit fatty, depending on the particular piece. Hard to find much fault with anything else. Sweet corn pudding is my favorite side, too but the homemade mashed potatoes and pork stuffing are excellent, too.

        Leftover pulled pork or brisket is great with eggs and toast in the morning. Chicken makes great cold chicken salad for lunch. Slowly reheat ribs for 45 mins-1hr with BBQ sauce (I like their homemade "hot" sauce) and finish with dry rub, Memphis style for dinner. This is how I justify buying their large sampler to go (Rack of ribs, whole chicken, pound each of brisket and pulled pork, six sides). For about $70, it keeps my wife and I fed for the better part of a week. Besides, a single Big "W" meal only leaves you wanting more by the next day.

    2. No argument here! Photos from our most recent excursion July 10th, 2010.

      1. I have been there several times and this is the real deal BBQ. This was such a shock to find a Jewish guy from Bklyn. making some of the best BBQ I have ever had. I know it is out of the way but your car needs a workout anyway... Warren is a great guy also. You WILL NOT be dissapointed!!


        1. lucky for me i live 25 minutes away, went a few days ago, had the hot wings and the brisket with mashed potatoes, no complaints, great food, fast service, Big W himself was very helpful and friendly...wings were great, everything has such an amazing, signature smokey taste....loved it

          1. On our way home from MA yesterday we stopped at Big W's. Due to the recent dry weather/ low humidiity the smoke level was on the light and delicate side which for me creates the perfect balance of meat to smoke, bbq heaven.
            One can always detect Warren's Bouley roots in the food...

            Warren, his family and employees as always made us feel welcome and special. Big W's is such a fun, happy and delicious place to visit.


            cabbage soup ( brought tears to my eyes it was so good)

            dirty mashed with gribenes

            corn pudding

            bbq sauce

            smoked and braised duck (served with jasmine rice) rice not pictured

            brisket, chicken, ribs

            short ribs (before bath)

            cabernet bath

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              Brisket and short ribs with a side of mashed potatoes and gribenes? I smell a road trip! Thanks for the great photos as always, Chowdom!

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                I would definitely call ahead if you have something specific in mind because Warren changes things up frequently. For instance the short ribs are a frequent special but not on the set menu. Also if the drive seems excessive for just food (although it's worth it) there are things to do up there.

                Bish Bash falls is close, there are frequent equestrian events and occasional dock dog events up that way as well. I am hoping I don't get deleted for mentioning the above but if that is what it takes to get someone to take the drive...

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                Hands down best BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon.

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                  you seemed to have missed the apple cake. Try it next time.

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                    I remember trying a sample cake that was out but I'm not sure if it was the apple cake. I often order the stone fruit mix. Thank you for the tip, I will ask for it next time I visit.

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                    Enjoy...You're going to fall in love with the food, Warren and if his kids are there tomorrow you will fall in love with them too.
                    Do not miss the beans!!!

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                      Loved Big W - we only scratched the surface with the menu though. Will have to make it back there soon - cabbage soup and the beans sound great. What's the cabernet bath? Sounds yummy.

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                        "Cabernet bath" just a silly term for the short rib braising liquid that happens to contain cabernet. BTW in addition to our leftovers we took home an additional lb of brisket. I requested a good amount of fat cap be left on. The brisket, aluminum tin and all went into the toaster oven at 250 degrees to reheat. The fat ever so slowly melted into the meat and "oh my" it was over the top indulgence and ridiculously good.

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                          I told Warren not to touch the fat cap. Took 2lbs of it home. Divided into 1/2lb portions. Vacuum packed each one. Stuck it in the freezer. Anytime I want it I dunk the entire package into a pot of simmering water (sous vide style) for 45min. The fat won't melt but become nice and jiggly. It's become even juicier than fresh from smoker.

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                            What a great idea. Yes, my toaster oven reheat version was juicier than what we had in house out of the smoker too, I think brisket in general is better after being refrigerated overnight and reheated. When DH and I share it at the restaurant no fat cap. I ordered it fat intact on the down low to take home. There was enough jiggly stuff left on some of the meat to make me happy.

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                              His briskets are so ridiculously good. When you order it with the fat cap, Warren would smile and say "This guy knows how to eat!"

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                        Just got back. Wow. Just...wow. We had pulled pork, chicken, brisket, mac & cheese, cabbage, beans, and bought an apple cake.

                        The portions of meat in the sandwiches was almost unnerving. We each got plenty of pieces with visible smoke rings. Frighteningly good meat. Chicken was outrageous. Can cabbage be ethereal? Yes. Yes, it can. Nothing was less than damn good. We took home enough to get us through the next 48 hours and haven't even touched the cake.

                        The family was so friendly and enthusiastic, I'm afraid my son is going to ask them if they will adopt him. Even my dog is in love with the gigantic bone we bought for him. If you see a teenage boy and a cocker spaniel thumbing a ride on the side of the road with a sign that says, "Big W's or Bust," please let me know so I can at least place an order.

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                          Hahaha!! Isn't Big W's amazing?! Haven't been in a glorious food coma like that since our 2006 trip to Memphis.Too funny. My husband feels the exact same way as your son!

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                            I'm glad he'll have company!

                            It feels good to support a family-run business that has such great products. Now the guys have another post-paintball food option besides Red Rooster.

                    2. it's worth noting that since I wrote the OP, the imperative to drive to Big W has lessened as there are now very good bbq restaurants closer to home, specifically in NYC. I'd still trek to Big W if I was within 20 miles but from northern westchester, I'd rather hop a train to Hill Country for their monday night ayce

                      1. My kids have been taking ski lessons at Thunder Ridge so after yesterdays lesson, we went to Big W for dinner. When I walked in, there was a brisket being sliced and my mouth started watering.

                        We ordered the dinner that serves 4 (for 2 adults and 2 kids) and we were warned that it was a lot of food. But we knew we would be happy to take some home. My son likes wings but they are supposedly very spicy so while we were deliberating, Warren gave us one to sample. It was VERY spicy -- to spicy for my son -- but my husband thought it was great.

                        So we had brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken. For sides, we had mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

                        I thought the ribs and brisket were outstanding. Pulled pork was good and I only had a very small taste of chicken, but we had plenty left to take home. We all loved the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and coleslaw were good too, but mac and cheese was the winner.

                        My kids are already asking when we can go back and my husband is always amazed that I can find a good place to eat no matter where we are (thanks to CH!). It's about an hour from our house so not exactly convenient, but since it's only 15 minutes from the ski area, we will definitely plan other lessons around dinner.

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                          Great update, thanks! It definitely is worth a trip to Wingdale. Love Warren and his food!

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                            Food is excellent and Warren is a gentleman.