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Aug 7, 2010 10:55 AM

Has anyone else tried The One Eyed Pig BBQ in Newtown CT?

It has become a favorite for my family. I am curious if anyone else has had the chance to give it a try. They have some of the best ribs I have ever had.

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  1. No but I'd be willing to, Where is it coming from Bethel?

    1. I ate there a few years ago and liked it. I don't remember them concentrating on BBQ? Are they more BBQ centric- now? The owner Dan was very nice, too.

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        Trufflehound they have only started serving food in January so you must be thinking of another place (they also do not have an owner named Dan).
        It is across from Carminuccios on Rt.25 in Rickys plaza. The thing that we like about this place is that they make evrerything there (even their sauces are homemade and fries are hand cut). It is definitely worth a try.

      2. Well, today I thought about BBQ all day and was over in Bethel. So I leave there at 4:40 or so, and head down to Newtown, and find the One Eyed Pig according to your directions. I was not able to find any menu online anywhere so I walk into the place into the restaurant side at ca 5:00 pm. The bar is closed off with a mop and bucket. I walk in farther and tell a gentleman in a booth working on a laptop that I'd like to do take-out. He says that the woman in the bar would take my order nodding to to the place I had passed but I eventually found a place to get to the bar.

        I get to the bar and tell the young woman that I would like to place a take-out order. She handed me a very small menu, and after 3 or 4 minutes I told her i was ready. I order a rib combo with a half chicken (all dark if possible). She said that she thought that the chicken was simply cut in half. Any thing else? Sides? Potato salad, OK. Anything else. I was about to order some wings when she interjected that by the way, the ribs would not be ready for an hour and a half, and woud I want to wait or come back. Umm. I'm thinking this is disappointing. Maybe I'll try again another time.

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          I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, I hope you give it another try as it is me amy families favorite place for BBQ.