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Aug 7, 2010 09:59 AM


i dont wanna seem like a complete idiot for asking about seafood in this area. but im looking for the boiling crab (LA) type of seafood restaurant, where they serve your crabs/king crab legs/clams/shrimp in a bag full of sauce. you can choose the type of sauce and level of spiciness. the seafood is soaked in the sauce and its goooood. i just figured since crabs are big here, there must be a place like this somewhere round here. I live in DC but can travel anywhere. basically looking for a place that you order by the pound and its flavored with more than old bay and butter (still good but lacks spice and zing), preferrably soaked in some kind of sauce.

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  1. That sounds like an Asian thing, unless you're talking about Bubba Gump or Killer Shrimp. There's a place (iif it's still there) called the Louisiana Seafood (or maybe Crawfish) House in the Eden Center right on the Arlington/Falls Church border where, when we had a chowhound lunch once, we got crawfish that came to the table in a plastic bag full of juice. Here, when you get crab a'la DC area, it's Chesapeake blue crab, whole, steamed, dumped out on a table covered with butcher paper and you make a gawdawful mess but have a lot of fun eating them. Most crab houses also do shrimp cooked similarly.

    Eden Center
    Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

    1. I've always called that a crab boil. Don't know many places that still do it. But I have never heard of anywhere around here where it comes in a bag or you get to pick your sauce. We do cook our own, steamed blue crabs cut in half, king crab legs, clams, red potatoes, corn, onion, etc.....all steamed together. Then dumped on the table like Mike said.

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        One place I could think of is Joe's Crab Shack. Seen their commercials on tv.
        Another is Foster's clambake at the National Harbor.

      2. thanks for the info. it might be a southern/cajun thing. i looked at the history of boiling crab and other places they seem to be vietnamese run southern cajun style restaurants haha. boiling crabs are in areas with alot of asians though.