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Aug 7, 2010 08:52 AM

Morimoto Lunch Omakase

Meeting a friend in Philly - not a foodie, per se, but someone who likes sushi. Is the lunch Omakase at Morimoto a "good deal" in terms of the fishes received, or is one better off going a la carte? I don't want to commit my buddy to $60 if it is going to be sub-par, while I'd prefer spend more and get more choice.....but if the omakase is a good "bang for the buck" to experience the restaurant I'm quite fine with that.


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  1. (Caveat: I haven't been in a couple years) The sushi is usually a good variety and good quality, but the omakase typically includes a larger number of cooked dishes and relatively smaller amount of sushi. If your friend primarily wants sushi, you are probably better off ordering a la carte.

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      Good information - may just do one of the "sushi sets" and add on some cooked courses. Wish they did the duck duck duck at lunch.

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        Wasn't a fan of the duck duck duck. Can't go wrong a la carte though - that's what I did last lunch there and I left a happy camper.

    2. I found it absolutely the best. I am willing to believe that the chef is sending you the best he has to offer, not just what he needs to pawn off on unsuspecting customers. I went with a friend who keeps Kosher and couldn't have shellfish, so I might not have got the largest variety they can offer... and still loved it. I also regret not being able to try the shrimp tempura. Next time.

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        Cool - I've heard good things about that Shrimp. Actually - everything they do there seems well reviewed and most find the lunch to be quite a deal. If they still have Kinmedai on the menu I'll be content. :-)