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Aug 7, 2010 08:13 AM

Taco Bell Cantina Tacos

I have to admit the carnitas is pretty good. Two soft corn tortillas filled with nicely seasoned pork/cilantro, and comes with a wedge of lime. Chicken was ok too. I wish they'd decouple from KFC and overhaul the whole chain to serve more food like this.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. These tacos are a huge mistake on taco bell's part- an admission that they know what mexican food is at least supposed to be. The regular "tacos" are no longer justifiable

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      1. re: raleighboy

        HUH? While I am not a fan of taco bell by any means, these tacos are just another product in a long long line of products. TB isnt "admitting" anything, they are simply trying to add to the bottom line. Taco bell is to Mexican as Olive Garden is to Italian - neither is authentic, but millions of people visit these places every year because they enjoy the food. People that love the gordita crunch and things like that probably wont like these tacos and vice versa.

        I will be trying these tacos sometime soon - my first visit to TB in probably 4 years.....mission accomplished for TB.

        1. re: raleighboy

          I visited a TB last year that had a decorative sign up saying that they proudly served "mexican-inspired fast food." They know what they are, and I don't think they try to hide it.

        2. Tried the chicken cantina tacos the other night and would've been great if it had less onions. I love onions but geez not when it's half the taco filling.

          1. I've tried all three. The Carnitas are mushy, and not incredibly flavorful, as has been stated before, but they are still better than the chicken or beef, which are dry in addition to being fairly flavorless.

            The Pacific Shrimp Taco that Taco Bell had a few months ago was actually pretty good, and a lot better than these. They were pricey, but I hope they bring those back.

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            1. re: TuteTibiImperes

              The Spouse tried all three. I asked two questions:
              How are they compared to regular TB? and
              How are they compared to real Mexican food?

              The answers:
              For TB, it's not too bad, The carnitas were the best, but everything was way too salty.
              Compared to real Mexican tacos, are you kidding? Not even entirely the same food item.

              I tasted just the meat from the chicken and the steak since I can't stand cilantro (the carnitas were long gone). The chicken was the same exact chicken they use in the spicy chicken burritos and the steak is the same steak they use in every other steak dish. We both agreed that without the sauces and cheese and lettuce you really notice how bad the meat is.

              I actually like TB for what it is. What it isn't is an authentic taqueria. I'm lucky that I live in an area with many good authenitc taquerias. When I want real Mexican, that's where I'll go. When I want TB, I'll go to TB.

              Bottom line: Will either of us order the Cantina Tacos again? No.

              1. re: TuteTibiImperes

                Agreed on the shrimp tacos. Actually quite decent.


              2. I tried the chix and steak ones..... the chix was decent, the steak was ehhh - but im not a very big van of TBs steak to begin with. My SO said the pork was close to inedible due to the flavor and copnsistency (and she LOVES carnitas).