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Aug 7, 2010 07:48 AM

Your favorite local food purveyors

I'm really, really loving how many local food/goods purveyors I've stumbled upon in the last several weeks. A few of my recent favorites --

Olive Sinclair Chocolate - found this when I was at Whole Foods last night, looking for something sweet to treat myself to on a Friday night. They're based out of Nashville, and their packaging is almost as awesome as the chocolate itself. I tried the sea salt version, and there were nice, big flakes of salt sprinkled in the bar. It was so tasty and decadent.

Joe's Bacon -- the new chef at Parish makes his own bacon and sells it on the side. I bought a few pounds this week and cooked some up for breakfast. WOW. Super-thick slices, and so flavorful (you can tell he cures it for ten days). And a pretty good deal at $10/lb, considering the quality of the meat (which he buys from a local farm).

King of Pops - yeah, this guy has been everywhere in the media lately! And for good reason. I was driving down North Highland yesterday at Buddy's gas station and the line of people was crazy. His flavor combos are so cool! Perfect summer treat.

Others I still want to try:

The ice cream from Westside Creamery.
The new summer basil brew from Fullsteam (they're Carolina-based and haven't made it down to ATL yet.. fingers crossed).


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  1. can you buy the bacon at Parish market?

    1. Have you sampled the meat from Riverview Farms at the Morningside Farmers' Mkt? Amazing. Also, the bread at Morningside FM (vendor name is escaping me!) is terrific.

      Riverview Cafe
      465 McCrackin St, Juliette, GA 31046

      1. Pine Street Market in Avondale Estates is truly wonderful. They make their own salumis and sausages plus smoke their own bacon. Truly a charcuterie heaven. The housemade pancetta is wonderful as well.


        1. Mmmmm, Westside Creamery -- I was lucky enough to get in on a focus group with them this winter before they rolled out their ice cream. In the fall, Maggie's going to start making their Atlanta Apple Pie ice cream -- creamy, cinnamony apply goodness with little crumbles of buttery crustiness. Cannot wait for that one.

          If you don't catch them in their truck, they sell pints at The Mercantile on Dekalb Ave.

          The Mercantile
          1660 Dekalb Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA