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Aug 7, 2010 05:26 AM

PINXTO Question...

I'm taking my girlfriend for dinner this week who has a longing love affair with all things Spain and the basque country after several trips abroad. I promised her a meal at Pintxo and it's surprisingly my first-time as well as hers (she's from out of town) and I was just wondering how feasible it would be to share dishes, or whether the pintxos are really too small for that?

I'm also looking for suggestions and feedback based on my selections below. From what I've read in reviews, I think we'll probably end up skipping the entrees and just order about 15 or so pintxos from the a la carte menu with a good cheap Spanish wine.

Here's what I've taken note of...

- octopus carpaccio with cava vinegar

- dual of fresh marinated crab and shrimp with pepper

- duo of scallops on black olive tapenade

- seared calamari with onion confit

- garlic shrimp on roasted pepper

- quintet of grilled vegetables

- stuffed figue with serrano ham and mahon cheese

- half quail on a bed of pasta with smoked ham and pine nuts

- goat cheese ravioli with duck stew

- mushrooms stuffed with duck confit

- sauteed wild mushrooms and snails with persley oil

- plate of carried of spanish cheeses (main)

I've seen a flickr set with photos of the rare sliced duck on risotto and it looked amazing but all the reviews I've read seem to hint at avoiding the main courses. I think we should do alright with the above choices... I'm just curious how filling this would be for two people and whether it would realistically be possible to share such small portions? To me, that's the whole appeal of a tapas place is that you can order so many small dishes to sample.

Also someone recently posted a review in which they mentioned the prices were inflated about 50% over what's currently listed on the website's menu, which avergaes about $6 per pintxo. Can anyone confirm? The difference between spending $100 and $200 on dinner for two is quite significant... Thanks!

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  1. I think ordering about 15 tapas and sharing would be great and more than enough food for two people with reasonable appetites. It is very possible to split the pixtos. A few of them are indeed small but none that i saw or tried were too small to split in two. They are smaller than normal appetizers but frankly, I usually find normal appetizers to be way too big.

    As for mains let me be clear: they are extreemly good. However, why would you want to get a main when you can get 3-4 small pinxtos instead?

    One thing on their menu that is not on your list is the cod in scrambled eggs. It sounds simple and uninteresting, but i love the taste.

    If you are worried about the prices, why don't you call them and ask if the website prices are up to date? Also, one way to keep the bill down is to take the special (4 pinxtos +1 main) , add as many more pinxtos as you want and split everything.

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    1. re: hala

      Thanks so much, sounds great and just what I wanted to know!!

      I passed on the cod because I'm not crazy about cod frankly (nor scrambled eggs), but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a shot... just didn't seem all that appealing to me.

      And I'll indeed call ahead to inquire about the prices on their menu. One of the inviting things about this place is how surprisingly and reasonably priced everything seemed from their website!

    2. About the prices, one thing nice about "tapas" is that you can order more or less depending on both the prices and the quantity.

      Just start by ordering a few of them and then decide if you want more ... no biggie.


      1. I went twice with my brother who can eat the best of them and we ordered 12 tapas for the two us, we were stuffed. My favorites were the stuffed figue, black cod (very substantial piece of fish), octupus carpaccio, seared calamari with onion confit, mushroom stuffed with duck confit, and they had a special lobster tapas ( we didn't have any that we didn't like). I really enjoyed trying the different tapas, they all combined interesting tastes. Both times the staff recommended a reasonably priced spanish wine that was very good, we polished off two bottles both times (oh my little brother can drink with the best of 'em, too). The servers were also very good and helpful.

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        1. re: MTLNY

          I have to agree with MTLNY. I'm a big eater and for me ordering more than 6 pintxos per person would be gluttony.

          1. re: MTLNY

            Thanks so much!

            Did you go with any entrees?

            Approx. how much did your total come to with the 12 pitxos and wine?

            I hope the lobster tapas available this week!!

            1. re: OliverB

              No entrees for us wanted to try too many pintxos, but we saw some of the entrees which looked very good.

              I think it was around $150 for the twelve pinxtos and one bottle wine (each bottle was around $40, we had two). The meal was worth every penny, one of the more satisfying and enjoyable meals I have had in Montreal.

          2. I dont find them so shareable. They are very small , and if you share your kind of left wanting more. I had 6 when I went and I could of easily eaten a few more. Also just so you know the menu on their website is slightly decieving because the prices they list are less than they actually are. Two people your looking around 120$ tax and tip including desert.

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            1. re: jay_81k

              Thanks... $120 is not so bad w/ tax and tip at all.

              How much less would you say the prices on their website are than the actual prices if they aren't reflective? The average cost of pintxos ont heir site is approx. $5-6... I love that they're all under $8 or so because you could sample a lot more of the menu.

              Also, when you say that you didn't find the plates shareable is that in the sense that they are physically too small (ie how can I even cut this in half) or you're just left with a few bites and don't really get to properly enjoy and experience the dishes? Are they like toothpick hors d'oevres small??

              1. re: OliverB

                Id say they are all atleast 1$ more than it says on the site. Its not that portions are physically too small to share, its that its such a small amount of food that if you share you just get a taste of what youre having and youre really left wanting more. Theyre not toothpick sized at all though, so if youre not a pig like i am they may be shareable

            2. I know that you can still have a really good table d hote lunch for 18 dollars or dinner for 30 dollars and the details regarding those specials on the website were accurate last month when I last went.