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Aug 7, 2010 04:42 AM

Philly and burbs - best kids menus?

Its really important to me that I raise my daughter with a good taste for all different foods - even if she resists and only wants pizza and hot dogs, at least I tried! We normally do not order off of kids menus, but give her a taste of what we order but sometimes its unavoidable and as she get older and eats more she is going to need her own meal. We stopped at Wine Theif yesterday for drinks and order a kids meal for my daughter to keep her happy and quiet and it was great, good selection. She got mac n cheese which really was penne in a tasty cheese sauce, some of the best homemade applesauce I ever had and carrot sticks. I think I ate as much of it as she did, it was so good (one bite for baby, one bite for mommy!). I really was impressed. What other restaurants offer a good kids menu, and not your typical hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc.

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  1. Christopher's in Wayne comes to mind. But pricey (considering it's not upscale). You pay for everything, meaning the kids meals do not come with sides, it's all a la carte.

      1. The Pop Shop in Collingswood has something for everyone on their menu and lots of kids items as well.