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Aug 6, 2010 11:55 PM

What's Fresh At The Farmers Markets?

I'm participating in a supper club on Sunday, and I'm at a loss as to what I'm making....

I know I'll be visiting a Farmers Market or two for ingredients and inspiration. I'll probably be heading to Pasadena tomorrow. Any one seen anything particularly amazing lately?

And anyone have any ideas for something totally impressive to make at a supper club? The host is making braised ox tail and a spinach pudding. I'd like to do something maybe a little more seasonal but still complimentary. I was fantasizing about making homemade mozzarella but I don't think I have time to trek to outer San Gab for fresh curds. I'm floundering for ideas here......

Oh yeah, what's the farmers market report blog?

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  1. From Wed SM:

    Melons are finally good, Cavaillon, Ambrosia ect.. Peaches are nice.

    I saw a lot of peppers, sweet and hot: Bell's pimentoes, jalapenos, serannos, italian, hungarian... Tomatoes are in full swing, saw some fresh garbanzos

    Btw: Angelo and Franco is based in El Segundo, You should be able to get curds or just good moz from them

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      oo, I was hoping fresh chick peas were still going!

      1. re: mollymolly

        Listen to Good Food this morning on KCRW. I think it airs at 11:00 a.m. Also, the L.A. Times has a farmer's market report here:

        1. re: mollymolly

          Blanking on the stand that had them! Sorry. IIRC they were just west of the raw milk stand on Wednesday.

          I have also seen them at 99 ranch. Palms market carries them occasionally as well.