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Aug 6, 2010 11:36 PM

Last Minute Thurs 12th San Juan Aniversary

For reasons that could not be predicted, happily, we will be spending our 15th anniversary in the Seattle area, and since the plans are so sudden I asked my wife, how would you like to spend it? The answer: let's take the ferry out to the islands and have dinner out there.

Great. But, we haven't been out in over fifteen years, and we (I?) only have days to get this set up.

What we would like:

1) A setting worthy of the occasion(view), but not necessarily formal. We can do formal (we are in the NYC area now), but it's not required or even desired.

2) High quality, non-gimicky food. Local/garden fresh/Day-boat out of water, etc., etc., is great.. We don't need anyone to prove they can out French anyone -- we've done that. We also don't want to Pan-Asian the food to death -- if you have great salmon we want to taste the salmon, not just the sesame and soy, etc.. However, we appreciate any style in moderation!

3) Maybe you can give us advice about which islands, even, are better given the ferry schedules going in and out, and the ability to get to the restaurant, activities and sceneries. We can likely borrow a car if necessary to visit any of the 'venues'.

Given our timeframe I will be greatly in debt to anyone who has a response in the next day or so, but whatever your response, if you end up at our restaurant at the end of our meal and are around the bar I will buy you a beer, glass of wine, or some cocktail or another!


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  1. Inn at Ship Bay. Fresh. Local. Amazing. One of the best meals I've had in WA. I don't think anything else in the islands compares.

    1. I like Inn at Ship Bay, though I wasn't blown away by it like equinoise was. I'm more intrigued by Allium, a new place opened by a former French Laundry sous-chef. Early reviews are very good.

      Do you know that the San Juans are a very long day trip? it's not like going to Vashon, Bainbridge or Whidbey. Inn at Ship Bay would be a nice place to stay. if you do stay overnight, I love love love Rose's Bakery and Cafe for breakfast and lunch. They used to do a local/slow food type dinner at least once a week, described in this article, and I've always wanted to go but it doesn't look like it's on right now.

      1. Thank you both very much.

        Just based on the food reviews I was really intrigued by Allium, and probably would have leaned in that direction if it weren't such an 'event' meal. In this case I weighed setting/room/scenery/service (and the, err, 'safety,' of the choice) a bit more heavily than I normally would. Both sound as if they would be great experiences.

        So, I made reservations for Inn at Ship Bay.

        I will come back with a review, but most important:

        I deeply appreciate the help!


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          How was it, T? We're staying there tomorrow night, but not sure if we'll eat there as well.