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Arpeggio, Spring House, review or comments?

Trying to find a wood fired brick oven Pizza. Was about to plan a trip to Tacconellis down in Kensington that Ive heard a lot about. Then I bought Philly Mag, Best of... and there was an ad for Arpeggio.. Any body been? Hows the Pizza?

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  1. I love Arpeggio, we go there at least twice a month for their pizza. The Arpeggio is our favorite - grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes. They offer a whole wheat crut which is fabulous. Its a nice restaurant, not a pizza place. But you can bring a bottle of wine, sit outside and enjoy a yummy pizza. Its different than Taconellis which I see as a bit more old school and more of a traditional pizza place, but very good. I say try both!

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      I agree with AmblerGirl. Arpeggio is a consistently excellent, casual restaurant. Everything on the menu (over the years I've eaten everything on the menu) is delicious. Almost everyone I know loves Arpeggio.

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        I'll add my vote for the Arpeggio pizza, as well as the Arpeggio salad, and the pesto chicken. Really, I can't think of anything we've ordered there that wasn't good, and we've been going there since about 6 months after they opened at the original location. The BYOB is also a draw for us, since we can be bring a $25-$30 bottle of wine that would be 2 1/2 to 3 times that price elsewhere. It's become our "I don't feel like cooking, I don't want to go anywhere" place for take-out now that we're only 12 minutes away!

      2. I've always enjoyed everything as well. The fried calamari salad rocks!

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          You can always depend on Arpeggio. Their salads are great, too!

        2. Wow- I got to go. thanks everyone

          1. yes..great place...wonderful vegetarian creamy lentil soup and also great middle eastern platters....hummous...baba ganoush...grape leaves..etc

            1. We go to Arpeggio at least once a week. The food is fabulous! I agree with CP about the calamari salad. I have had their pizza often and it is delicious. I also think their falafel is decent.

              1. I've also been going to Arpeggio for many years and honestly have never had a bad meal there. I've tried virtually everything on the menu from the appetizer sampler platter (their hummus is as good as anyone's anywhere) to their pizzas to their pasta dishes to their desserts. It's all good!

                1. I like Arpeggios pizza too, but get put off by the long waits I've run into there. You should also try Bacco, on 202 in Montgomeryville. They have turned one side of the restaurant into a pizzeria - brick oven. The result is over the top delicious - light crispy crust, fresh tomatoe sauce, a variety of toppings which are tasty and not overloaded. They have become my favorite in the area.

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                    Only if you like the taste of coal when you eat Bacco's pizza! I can't like that a little bit. I'll take the wait at Arpeggio anytime over that coal taste.

                  2. finally went today for lunch. Baba Ganoush was very good and we were very lucky to arrive at 2:30 just as the evenings Pita was hot off the griddle. Had the Arpeggio pizzaand it was great.
                    Thanks everyone

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                      ...the best part is...the pitas are made to order...so EVERYONE gets theirs right off the hot griddle and puffed up full of steam...oh soooo good!

                    2. Had a girls' lunch today. Went once before, so I knew it was good, but there were only two of us with limited time.

                      Today we were four, and they had come out to see the new house. I mention this only because it explains why we drank a bottle of wine *before* lunch, and so took no wine to lunch; just drank sodas/iced tea.

                      Everything was wonderful. The soup of the day was a crab bisque--very well seasoned and full of chunks of fresh crab meat and veggies--and served with a very tasty herb bread.

                      Two of the entrees were two pizzas: a margherita and a white with spinach baked in a wood burning oven. Delicious. The other two entrees were salads: a pear salad and a warm goat cheese salald. Both salads had walnuts, pecans, craisins, raisins, microgreens and other usual salad fixings. both salads were served with that delicious herby bread. (And yes, we are four women, so we all shared all four entrees. Why limit yourself to one?)

                      They serve Colombe coffee, which was also very good. And for the first time I got a taste of their desserts. We ordered the brownie sundae (yes, a standard), but it was better than most I have tasted--a real warm fudgy brownie with great french vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream. The second dessert, whose name I can't remember, was graham crust, bananas, fresh whipped cream and a not-too-sweet caramel sauce.

                      And the check, with 20% tip? About $25 each.

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                        Your other dessert is their Banafi. My husband loves it!

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                          Thanks Crazy! (It is crazy good ;) I'm glad we all ate light so we had room for these desserts.

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                            I have had to make it several times since my husband has had it at Arpeggio! I did it the traditional way and boiling the sweetened condensed milk in the cans was scary!

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                              I told my work friend about this dessert today, and she dismissively said she doesn't like bananas. I am not someone to yuck someone's yum . . . but really?

                              Graham cracker crust, bananas, "real" whipped cream? Chocolate and caramel sauce?

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                                I have to tell you, it is an amazing dessert. I don't even like sweet foods and this rocks! I guess that's why there are friends and "work" friends!

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                                  Yuck someone's yum. I like that gaffk. Gonna call John on it next time he pulls it on me.

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                                    The best dessert at Arpeggio is their bread pudding hands down IMO.

                        2. My wife loves Arpeggio's, I think it is good and consistently so. We enjoy thin crust pizza and always request it. Not sure if that is just their normal pizza or not. The wait staff is prompt and nicely friendly and the check is moderate considering the quality of the food. Because of the aforementioned goodness Arpeggio's is frequently very busy so be aware of that when planning your visit. The old Springhouse Center is a nice venue and the restaurant it self is nice enough but can sometimes feel a bit crowded. Not sure it would be considered a pizza destination for one looking for "the best" but it is very good.

                          1. dropping daughter off at Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai in Ambler at 4PM saturday and want to relax and have a nice meal prior to the 2.5 hour drive back to Maryland. Reviews for Arpeggio seem exvellent bordering on fantastic. so if it is me and my wife at the very least ,with the possibility of an additonal 2 to 3 couples. So here is the question. From soup to nuts, what are th go to dishes that should not be missed, what are the dishes that should be avoided, and what deserts are to die for. I owe the philly chow who gives me the right advice and wil do similarly when then come to Maryland/DC/ NoVA area!. also is there nearby store for a bottle or wine or six pack of beer?

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                              It all depends on what you like. I have been going to Arpeggio for years, have tried virtually every appetizer, soup, pizza and entree and have enjoyed each one. If you like hummus, their hummus is the best I have had anywhere. I would say the same for their lentil soup.

                              When it comes to dessert, I personally look no further than their bread pudding.

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                                There is a shopping center at the intersections of Welsh Road and Limekiln Pike and Norristown Road. It is a premium location meaning it has a very nice selection of wines. Less than 5 minutes from Temple Sinai. See Chris or Aurelia if you are looking for a recommendation. In PA beer is only sold by the case unless you stop in a pizza shop or deli offering 6 packs. More costly that way though.

                                I have tried just about everything at Arpeggio's. Never had a bad meal there. Although I do not eat dessert, my husband is a huge fan of the bread pudding and also likes their Banafi, which is only available on the weekends. Enjoy and please let us know how your experience was.