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Aug 6, 2010 06:40 PM

Yummy alcoholic dessert recipe that will get you tipsy?

Looking for a Yummy alcoholic dessert recipe that will get you tipsy!

Besides jello shots of course! LOL

There is one catch! I live in a state where you can't buy alcohol after 9. It's after 9.

I only have in my house: vodka, gin, whiskey and triple sec.

Any ideas? I'm trying to surprise my girlfriend... help me out!

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  1. If you have some pound cake (or can buy some), cut it up and make a trifle. I would soak the cake in whisky and triple sec. You can also add some whipped cream and fresh fruit. I assume you are looking for something simple, and I think that's as simple as it gets, apart from serving plain cake with a boozy chaser.

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      For even more emphasis, dim the lights, carefully light a shot of whiskey and pour over your soaked cake. Yippee!

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        Time to change your name to "boozewickgirl" !

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          Mm, heh, heh, good one, it has been suggested...contrary to popular rumor, I really don't drink very much at all anymore, but do appreciate the efforts of others.

    2. why do you need to get her drunk if she's already agreed to be you girlfriend? ;)

      seriously though, the soaked cake/trifle idea is definitely the easiest way to go. another simple one would be ice cream floats with beer (assuming, of course, that you have beer and ice cream).

      if you're feeling adventurous and happen to have the necessary ingredients on hand for chocolate mousse, you could also do that...

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        i really should have mentioned we are in college and getting drunk is a normality...

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Too late for tonight's seduction but a great quick, boozy dessert is the Scottish Atholl Brose. Whip heavy cream, add whisky gradually (about 1 tb per 100 ml of cream), add runny honey to taste, then stir in some toasted oatmeal (cooled). It gets better (and boozier) the longer it sits so some planning may be needed for next time.

          1. I'm amazed there's hardly any recipes here, and so much moralizing. I have a recipe for Amaretto Pound Cake that is almost too much (but not for me!), I got it here so will try to find. I have to be careful who I make it for, however, these are my favorite kind of desserts. Also bourbon balls, every Christmas I get reminder calls to make them from all over. Now four or five of those will get you looped.

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              How about posting a recipe for those bourbon balls.

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                Sure, it's an old favorite from the 60s probably invented by Nabisco (don't think there's any sub for the Nilla wafers):

                1 package of Nilla wafers
                1 cup pecans, toasted and chopped
                1/2 cup confectioner sugar
                1/2 cup brown sugar
                6 Tbsp cocoa powder
                3 to 4 Tbsp lite Karo syrup
                2/3 cup of bourbon (but I use Jack Daniels) or spiced rum is nice too
                optional: pinch of powdered cinnamon, nutmeg and/or ginger

                In food processor, crush nuts and Nilla wafers.
                Mix by hand in mixing bowl with sugars and cocoa.
                Add syrup and liquor slowly, mixing til it sticks together.
                Form into 1 inch balls and put in sealed container.

                Can store in a cookie tin for a week or two, it becomes less sharp tasting but no less potent. This is the first thing I make every Christmas, it's like a warm up exercise. I'm not kidding that 3 of these and you will be feeling it....especially if you take them into work in the morning to share! Have to be careful who you give it to.

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                    Fudge Rum Balls - very similar to your recipe, coll - are traditional in my family at Christmastime. It's Christmastime, right? **hiccup** We eat these almost as fast as we make them and usually double/triple/quadruple the recipe....

                    1 6 oz package milk chocolate chips
                    3 tbsp light corn syrup
                    ¼ cup rum
                    ½ cup sugar
                    1 ¼ cup crushed vanilla wafers
                    1 cup finely chopped pecans

                    Melt chocolate chips in a double-broiler. Remove from heat. Blend in syrup and rum. Stir in sugar (make sure it dissolves), wafers and pecans. Roll teaspoonfuls of mixture firmly between hands. Roll cookie in sugar, then pop in mouth.