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NEW Exo Greek Mediterranean Bistro Whitestone - thumbs down

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Well the wifey and I tried the new nabe greek spot for some apps and dessert. OK its new, they just opened and I understand how that goes firsthand. But the food was just OK, Service was OK, and the mistakes and prices were HUGE.

We ordered 2 apps and dessert, but saw alot of entree's
- bottle panna water $6
- fresh pitas and spreads app $12
-grilled meat meze app $15
-ekmek (dessert) $7

ok the fresh pita and spreads were small portion( about 1-1.5oz ea) and 5 spreads. they were all salty as heck. they gave us 3 charred grilled handmade pitas that were 2 inches by 4 inches..small and gone fast... we ordered more and they charged us additional $2 for 3 more pieces
the grilled meat meze was just awful, way to salty and missing kebabs( which i didnt realize till we got home and looked at the t/o menu we took) about 4 ounces of meat total with a big pot of greek cheese fondue. the 3 thin slices of sausage was flavorful but the sweetbreads were tough(??) lol and the lamb skewers were ok but salty as heck, wifey couldnt finish hers.

the dessert was a hodgepodge of who knows what... missing the main ingredient, and other ingredients were sub'd for others( supposed to get candied figs, got canned peaches ect..)
and to make matters worse, 2 different waiters came over asking what was wrong and then had no clue what the fruit was or why there was no ice cream or what this and that was... u get the picture. and to top that off one waiter went to the hostess after the hostess already knew we were having problems and she rolled her eyes at me...ugghhh..ummm im in the business

so... as i firstly stated, they are new and they have some MAJOR kinks to work out... maybe in a few months if they start getting it right we will give it a second go, but for now i wouldnt advise
2 apps, 1 bottle water, 1 dessert + nominal tip = $58

hopefully ours was a isolated incident hehe

15-16 149th St, Queens, NY 11357

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  1. where is this place? We really like the greek place on Willets Pt blvd..good lunch special

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      It's on 149th Street. Thanks chefjellynow for the review. I was just driving by the other night and the place was packed! I was curious about it but I think I'll wait.

    2. Does anyone have any updates since the summer? I have wanted to try this place, but have held back because of the prices. Their menu looks very appealing, but few things burn me more than paying a lot for a bad meal. I've seen very mixed reviews on some other sites and am hoping some CH's can set the record straight.

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        I am sorry: didn't like it. I feel it's not worth the money at all, not even close. We didn't like the food either. IMHO, their food is too salty, the execution is too primitive, and the kitchen staff (should I say, the chef?) is not skilled in heat-handling... but well, this is so subjective: other people might have a different opinion.

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          As of Feb 2011, EXO not good. If you like old school greek (if you think Stamatis is great) you will definitely not like this. But must say, excellent service, beautiful place settings and comfortable atmosphere. Service was truly excellent.

          29-09 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

          1. re: whitestone

            Restaurant.com has coupons, entering "SAVE" at checkout will get you $50 off min of $100 for $4. Not a bad deal if the food situation improves.

        2. Does anyone know if this place is related to the EXO that just opened on Austin St. in the old Mardi Gras space? I'm assuming it is - same name, same cuisine- but curious for confirmation. I hope it's good, we need better places around here!

          Mardi Gras
          70-20 Austin St, Queens, NY 11375

          1. Just wondering if anyone has been to Exo lately and how it was? We are meeting friends there this weekend and it was their choice.

            15-16 149th St, Queens, NY 11357