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Aug 6, 2010 05:03 PM

Oklahoma City on a Sunday night

Hi, will be in Oklahoma City on a road trip for just Sunday night, things like Cheever's and Ann's Fry House look to be closed, things like Iron Starr BBQ and Deep Fork Grille seem less than distinctive. Any suggestions? Don't care if high end or low end, coming from LA and heading to Alabama, so probably no need for Asian or pork ribs! Thanks, Eric

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  1. No hope? Just two days away!

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      It appears you will be traveling on I-40. Cattlemen's is on Agnew just a few blocks south of I-40. There is an Agnew exit so keep an eye out for it. Many of the good downtown area places are closed on Sunday. Irma's is a decent burger place with some plate dinners on N.W. 10th and Walker. You can exit on Walker off I-40 and go north about 10 streets until you get to the Plaza Court Building where Irma's is located. There are some other restaurants in the same block but I am not sure any of the will be open. This includes 1492, Stella, and Cafe de Brazil. At I-40 and Meridian there are a number of chain and non-chain restaurants including Trappers which is kind of a cajun fish camp type place, Shorty Small's, a number of mexican places, a couple of asian buffets, Charlston's, Zio's, and others.

      Bricktown is a popular destination in the downtown area right off I-40, but most of the good places are closed on Sunday. There is an Earl's Rib Palace that is open on Sunday. Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, The Mantel, and Nonna's are good but I do not know if any of them are open on Sunday. There is a place called Jazzmo's Bourbon Street Cafe that is ok that will be open on Sunday. The restaurants in Oklahoma City are spread out. Many of the ones discussed on Chowhound are not real close to I-40 or downtown but the city is easily navigable on a Sunday.

      Bigray in Ok

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