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Aug 6, 2010 03:24 PM

back bay social club

has anyone been and who is the chef?

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    1. re: BostonZest

      i believe it opened this week. it's not a chef driven project.

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        hotoynoodle, I love that phrase: "a chef driven project."

        Well put.

    2. Exec chef at BBSC is one Tim Raines. I do not know of him.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        He was on the Expos. Man was he ever fast.

      2. Any reviews? My bet is that it won't be good...

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        1. re: your_outreach

          If it is like many Lyons Group establishments, it will be a fun place for drinks (though not a craft cocktail bar) and forgettable as a dining destination. But I'm withholding judgment till I get my own test drive.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              i'm just imagining it as another sonsie-type circle of hell.

          1. I'm not sure how the restaurant will be able to charge $21 for a burger. The burger is more expensive than most of the other entrees.


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            1. re: babka eater

              What's up with that? I thought maybe $21 for a burger was a typo given how much lower everything else is, but it is listed at that price on two different menus on the website. Crazy.

              1. re: bear

                must be made of unicorn meat and leprechaun tears. very rare.

            2. Has anyone eaten here? Went yesterday and it was just blah. Our bartender had never made the first drink I ordered and it was not good so I ordered a different drink and it worked out better. We waited 45 minutes for our food because the bartender forgot to put our food order in. It was only until I gave her the look that said where is my food and was told it would be right came 20 minutes later. Our bartender was friendly enough and the ambiance was fine. The food was ok but left something to be desired. I will give it another try eventually. P.S. - my Bloody Mary was $14 and I would opt out of it next time.

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              1. re: westsidelizzy

                Those drink prices are pretty frightening. Towne across the street has a well-trained staff, doing decent classic and craft-type cocktails, and they're only charging $9-12 a pop.


                1. re: westsidelizzy

                  We went last week on a Thursday evening. The food was lackluster. I had a crab salad that was advertised as lump crab - what I got was a shredded, flavorless pile of crabmeat mixed with avocado atop a Green Goddess dressing with some microgreens. It did not taste bad, but it was not what I was expecting. The pork belly was so forgettable (I was sharing it with a friend) that I took one bite and left it for others at the table to finish. I can't remember *when* I have *ever* had that reaction to pork belly. I forget what everyone else had. I just wanted to get out of that dark room and over to Towne to enjoy a drink made by Michael Ray, one of my favorite bartenders in Boston. The night improved significantly once we got across the street. BBSC is more of a bar with food than a restaurant with a bar scene.

                  1. re: Small Plates

                    I noticed Michael at the back downstairs bar on my way out the other night, too! He is a fantastic hospitality pro. I remember not having a reason to go back to Smith & Wollensky after he left there for a job in the DC area. Good to see him back in Boston!


                    Smith & Wollensky
                    101 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      We were lucky enough to have been relocated to DC for a couple of years while he was there at the Olde Ebbit Grille group. Love, love, love him!!

                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        That's (almost) enough reason to frequent BBSC. Good to hear he is back in town. Since he moves around quite a bit, hopefully he will move on to somewhere more agreeable soon.

                        1. re: Gabatta

                          I spotted Michael Ray working at Towne. I haven't been to Back Bay Social Club yet. I see just now that he has a Twitter feed (mxolgst007), and has been working at Bokx 109. (I don't get to that one so often.)


                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                            Michael's been out of the Bokx for about a month now and is at Towne. He is not at BBSC.

                    2. re: westsidelizzy

                      Ah, so that's why they were pushing bloody mary's. We didn't bite.

                      Stopped in over the weekend for brunch. Someone has a heavy hand with salt or perhaps that is what their target patrons want. The food was certainly a disappointment after Towne. I was hoping for a less expensive neighborhood option. If you're thinking of trying the chicken and waffle, think again. Stick to the waffle-- that was good but would have been better with fruit instead of honey glaze.

                      I think this one will be a hit with the folks who don't care about the food and want a place with big TVs at the bar. I'm not the customer they are trying to please. They had fairly loud "pop slop" music droning on. You know the selection - something for everyone to hate.


                      1. re: BostonZest

                        like i mentioned earlier? sonsie redux?

                        1. re: hotoynoodle

                          Yup. Except I think the food at Sonsie is better. BTW, I also had a bone to pick with the oysters. They were advertised as Island Creeks. Now, anyone who has slurped an Island Creek knows EXACTLY what it tastes like. And these neither tasted (nor looked) anything like those buttery, sweet and brightly briny bivalves. I asked again, explaining my sense they were not Island Creeks, but they insisted they were. I was puzzled. Maybe my ragweed allergy was screwing with my palate. I left unconvinced.

                          1. re: Small Plates

                            august isn't exactly the best month for oysters, and with skip opening a place down the street, i'd be very surprised for them to be claiming they're island creeks if they aren't. quick way to get your account yanked.