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Aug 6, 2010 01:48 PM

Anyone been to British Style Fish & Chips recently

Had heard that the ownership had changed a few years ago and wasn't as good as it used to be...have they shaped up at all??

British Style
73 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4L3B1, CA

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  1. I've been there this summer and it is still not on par with the old owners. With that said, I still don't mind doing business with them because I'm always craving good old fish & chips on lazy Sunday afternoons all the time. It's one of the only places in that end of the city that is actually open on Sundays. I have a ritual on Sunday afternoons when I my crave my fix for F&C. I take a quick bike ride to British and then cycle down to eat one of my all-time favorite meals in the world by the lake on the beach. :)

    1. I moved into the 'hood probably after the old owners left and I don't know what it was like then, but when we have an itch for halibut and chips, British certainly scratches it. if it matters at all, whenever we've gone, it's been steady busy so I quite imagine there are good handfuls of loyal customers regardless.

      Maybe it is worth a try if you haven't been in years.

      1. We go pretty regularly and like the current owner's (Chinese guy) fish and chips better than the previous (Indian) guy.

        I guess it's a matter of personal preference, but we found the previous cooking to always be greasy beyind belief. The current guy's chips remind me of Ottawa chip truck fries from long ago, though they're not as meaty a cut. Good fries if you're opposed to the thin cut really, really cooked Toronto ideal. The halibut is on the pricey side, but it's always been very well done for us. Big, well cut pieces, clean tasting, crisp on the outside but soft inside and not overly greasy batter, and juicy but firm fish.

        They're my favourite in the Queen E. area, but if your preference runs to Harbord Fish and chips style (more Toronto'ish fries; crisper batter) you'd probably like Reliable better.

        B&B is inexpensive compared to everybody else, and it's Joanne Kates's favourite (if that means anything). IMO they're great value for the area ($5.50 for fish and chips) and their fries are pretty good, but I can't help getting this little bit of Captain Highliner chunky fish fries feeling whenever I eat there because they have this standard square cut so that your fish always looks the same from one year to the next.

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        1. re: herbs go karts

          Stay away from Reliable. Last time I went was a year ago and it turned me off from ever going back. Halibut was around $10 but cut to a 1cm thickness. Which is impossible not to overcook and get the batter crispy.

          I did find British Style had slid in quality initially when the ownership changed but it's since gone back up and my go to place for the area. Good portions for the price and fresh flakey fish.

          British Style
          73 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4L3B1, CA

        2. I live a stone's throw away and find them good. Not great, but decent. Sometimes the chips are soggy, or the fish is overcooked, but I'd go back for the convenience and price factor.

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          1. re: currycue

            My first experience (many years ago) was so greasy that I never went back but would love to try them again if they've lightened things up. (They must make a fortune from the desk bound police officers accross the street!)
            Reliable I have given up on - great people, great service, price is o.k. for me, but afterwards I always feel so heavy and guilty and greasy. :(

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              This is my number 2 choice for F&C in the city after Olde Yorke. I've tried many across the city from Penrose, Duckworths, McNie's, High Street, Viking, etc. My last trip to Reliable got me a 1cm thick piece of halibut that was way overcooked. Which can't be avoided when you cut it that thin. Halibut is the worse fish to overcook. British Style took a dip in quality when the new owner took over but things have come back since. Good portions made fresh.

          2. Been there 10 + times and it still tastes great. You get a LOT of fish for the price you pay considering I've paid more than ($10) at some bars and received much smaller portions (too much batter and not enough fish). The fish here tastes very fresh! I also like how he cuts the big slab of fish on the counter. They do have homemade tartar sauce in small plastic containers, but you must ask for them as they do not have them out on the counter. The chips here are FRESH! I see the waitress/assistant bring up potatoes from the lower floor. Be prepared to wait around 15 minutes if you order in. I usually call ahead so by the time I get there the food is ready. I have never received soggy fries, but I guess it is bound to happen sometime especially if you call ahead and get there late. Overall, I am very happy with the service that I consistently receive and will continue to go back for F&C.

            Other F&C places I've been to:
            - Reliable (dislike: small portions, bland tartar sauce, weak fries)
            - Chippy's (dislike: dry fish, crappy batter, small portion)