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Ideas for religion-themed dinner party?

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I’m seeking ideas for a dinner party with a “religion” theme. No particular religion, nor is it to be any kind of religious event. It’s just a starting point to spark creativity for a pot luck dinner of chowhounds. I hope nobody takes offense.

I was thinking along the lines of monk fish, Buddha’s hand, Trappist ale.


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  1. Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake? Easter Eggs? Hot Cross Buns?

    1. St John's Bread (carob)
      Angel Food Cake
      Devil's Food Cake
      B&B (brandy and Benedictine)
      Christian Brother's Brandy
      background music--stairway to heaven
      St. Peter's Fish (Tilapia)
      Chorba El Jourad (Locust Soup) (the Plagues)

        1. Angels and/or devils on horseback

          1. Nun's sighs. (My French FIL calls them Nun's farts. Not entirely sure if they're the same thing.)

              1. Lutheran casserole (green bean casserole)
                Mormon funeral potatoes
                Anything Jello salad...

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                  For some reason this reminded me of the family that kept getting tuna noodle casseroles while the mom was getting chemo treatments so they started calling it "cancer casserole."

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                    Up in Lutheran Country it's apparently a major funeral dish, which is probably the next step down... Remember Garrison Keillor's song about it, with the verse that says: "After my sojourn is over / Then shall I take to the air / Afterwards in the church basement / Tuna casserole will be there."

                    Being a Midwestern Methodist (lapsed) myself, I'm tempted to suggest cubes of white bread and tiny glasses of Welch's grape juice... that'd be the Communion Course.

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                      Recently I've bought some very mildly flavored crackers that remind me incredibly of communion wafers (lapsed Catholic so we got wafers).

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                        In the Church of Christ (quite austerely Fundamentalist) they use matzoh, which makes perfect sense. And of course unfermented grape juice, which doesn't.

                  2. Maybe pour your wine from Evian bottles?

                    1. Have people bring what they believe was served at the Last Supper.

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                          I was going to say....have people bring what they'd WANT at their last supper. Or make an entree and salad, and have people bring favorite breads and (red) wines. Also - pretzels are said to form the shape of a child's praying hands, and were developed by a monk - don't know what to do with that one, but it's interesting.

                        2. Moros y Cristianos (Moors & Christians, another name for black beans and rice)
                          "Stake" Diane?
                          Loaves and Fishes - that seafood-stuffed loaf from Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home
                          hearts of palm
                          'Nilla "wafers"

                          1. This may take alot of chickens, but perhaps a dish full of pope's noses?

                            1. I am certain that each guest must have a very well developed sense of humor. I could see this turning into a mess of squabbles.

                              1. A cheese platter entitled Cheeses of Nazareth

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                                  when they're gone there will be nun left!

                                2. Jesuites
                                  Perhaps Blackened Sole as the main course?

                                  1. I am hosting a book club dinner tonight and the book we read was The 19th Wife (about Mormons/the end of polygamy). It was a stretch since there is not much talk of food in the book, but I am serving Mormon funeral potatoes, "Utah's famous green jello", Lion House dinner rolls with honey butter (since Utah is the Beehive state). I made a few other dishes that relate back to Utah, but not necessarily the Mormon religion.

                                      1. Hearts of Psalm Salad
                                        Koran-chy Fried Chicken
                                        Mashed PoTAOtoes
                                        Chocolate Karma-l Truffle Cake

                                        1. Artichokes alla Judaica, which are baby artichokes trimmed and fried in olive oil, battered or not. And Hoppin' John occurred to me - people in the South frequently have black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for luck in the coming year, which is a superstition based on numerous African religions and traditions. You could also do Voodou bones by incorporating little ribs or wings in there somewhere; chicken's better as it is traditional to their ceremonies.

                                              1. You could serve virgin Mary's, but have a bottle of vodka nearby.