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Aug 6, 2010 01:22 PM

Ideas for religion-themed dinner party?

I’m seeking ideas for a dinner party with a “religion” theme. No particular religion, nor is it to be any kind of religious event. It’s just a starting point to spark creativity for a pot luck dinner of chowhounds. I hope nobody takes offense.

I was thinking along the lines of monk fish, Buddha’s hand, Trappist ale.


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  1. Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake? Easter Eggs? Hot Cross Buns?

    1. St John's Bread (carob)
      Angel Food Cake
      Devil's Food Cake
      B&B (brandy and Benedictine)
      Christian Brother's Brandy
      background music--stairway to heaven
      St. Peter's Fish (Tilapia)
      Chorba El Jourad (Locust Soup) (the Plagues)

        1. Angels and/or devils on horseback

          1. Nun's sighs. (My French FIL calls them Nun's farts. Not entirely sure if they're the same thing.)