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fodd related gift certificate for somewhere in new haven- STAT!

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  • sgl Aug 6, 2010 01:01 PM
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our dear friends are leaving us (los angeles) to take a job at yale new haven hospital- we want to get them the above item as a going away gift- for a party TOMMORROW night!- they are a great youngish couple (late 30's0 its all about the point of reference, right?) with 3 kids- 9, 7 and 2- he: surgeon, she: mba turned stay at home mom-something family freindly- a great cafe or diner?- or just fun and indulgent- a cool bakery- cupcake or ice cream shop?

any ideas along those lines that i can deal with online or by phone?
many thanks east coast chowhounders!!

btw your S.NE posts are bringing me back to the good old days in middletown, while i attended wesleyan...some great food memories were made then, too

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  1. There are so many wonderful restaurants in New Haven and surrounding area, but for a family with young children, why not introduce them to the great Pizza experience? Pepe's on Wooster St. (the best! IM0) has gift certificates. 203 865-5767 or www.pepepizzeria.com

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      I 2nd Pepe's

    2. THE place to go for ice cream in New Haven is Ashley's on York Street.


      Wonderful ice cream. And their bittersweet hot fudge sauce is to die for. I would love to take a bath in it. Yum.

      and for bakeries, there's Marjolaine on State Street:


      Start the kids on Sarah Bernhearts and frangipane blackberry tarts!

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        hey all
        thanks for this! i remembered pepes just after i posted and did purchase the gift certificate
        but i am going to pass on these recomendations to our friends in hopes of smoothing their big transition
        all best
        your LA foodie friend...

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          Give them a good intro to New Haven.....plenty of time for pizza. A gift certificate to Caseus would do it. I second Marjolaine. FANTASTIC pasteries. The best in CT as far as I'm concerned.

          93 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510