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Best restaurant for a 21st birthday?

Hey Chowsters,

I am turning 21 on September 7th and I am looking to have a spectacular time!! My husband and parents are taking me out and I would like to go somewhere memorable. Please suggest places that are really nice with SPECTACULAR food...I don't want to go somewhere that I could go on just an average day.


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  1. What type of food are you looking for, and where are you thinking of going geographically?

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      hmm im really down for anywhere...main line, philly, king of prussia....anything except for like indian or in that genre....so asian, american, italian....i like everything except for indian food... i just want something upscale and with amazing food

      1. I would go for the Sunday brunch at Lacroix. It is spectacular.

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          although sunday brunch sounds nice i was aiming more toward going out on the day of my birthday which is a tuesday

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            the one place that says spectacular to me is Vetri. Go for it!

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              How about Modo Mio? BYOB and great food. If you want a Vetri experience and can't get into Vetri, Amis and Osteria are also very good. My only other suggestion is don't go to the suburbs.

          2. French food is always nice for special occasions- What about Bistro La Minnette?

            1. If price is no object I would say Vetri or LaCroix or Le Bec Fin.

              1. i keep hearing about vetri although when i looked it up on the computer it seems to be nothing special...what is all the fuss about?

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                  With all due respect dtrivi, you can't possibly be serious...
                  Perhaps you should start here:

                2. dtrivi- it might help us to know what type of restaurant you would go to "on just an average day" people on this board are real foodies so the places they go on an "average" day might be "spectacular" to you and the places they think are "spectacular" are really up in the clouds--

                  I'd also consider price range-even though you are not paying- do you want your parents to spend 50pp, 75pp 100 pp or the sky's the limit? Vetri, for example, is in the last category.

                  With that in mind, and without knowing anybody's tastes, I'd suggest a steakhouse dinner at Butcher and Singer.

                  1. I think it's great that at 21 you're even on this board, I don't think i necessarily cared about food as much as hip. A very fun, kind of hip(i'm old, so maybe not to 21 yo) is Distrito.
                    Others I would think would be Continental Midtown,(or Old City for that matter) Parc, El Vez..............Osteria may be more along your lines than Vetri. Mixto, Valanni, Zahav.....I love Bibou but from your comments you would probably find boring.