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Aug 6, 2010 12:33 PM

El Huarache Azteca #2 - Echo Park

is this related to #1 in highland park?

anyone been? any good?

El Huarache Azteca
1378 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  1. Hi emosbaugh,

    Not related to the El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park.

    El Huarache Azteca
    1378 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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    1. re: exilekiss

      Yes. It is absolutely related. Same menu, even the same tableware. (Am I correcting exilekiss? uh-oh) Numero Uno on York y Numero Dos on Sunset. The men run the popular York location and the ladies hold it down in a quiet little strip mall on Sunset. I have resisted writing about them for some time as it's one of those spots I consider "my little secret.' Despite the EP-adjacent location I have never seen even one ironic mustache roll up in that spot. Hope I'm not starting a trend. If you possess said ironic mustache please shave prior to arrival.

      Anyway, the superstar dish is the goat tacos on the weekends. Heaven. Transcendent. Like you take a bite and all of a sudden your soul is on the corner of the room looking down on you closing your eyes and smiling as you eat the best goat taco in the universe. Other tacos and burritos are not that special. Burritos actually not good at all. But good menudo on weekends and, as the name implies, the huaraches are not be missed. Good sopes too.

      And, like so many great LA-eateries they close at five or six or whenever it suits them. They don't have to be open for dinner - like Langer's they are so good that you will work your schedule to suit them.

      1. re: mrgreenbeenz

        Hi mrgreenbeenz,

        That's strange. I called El Huarache Azteca (Highland Park) and the gentleman I spoke with emphatically said the Sunset location "is NOT associated with us."

        Maybe he was wrong?

        1. re: exilekiss

          That is strange - maybe there's some Zankou-style family drama behind the split. But the Sunset location is (or at least was) advertised as Huarache Azteca Numero Dos.

          They both have the same menu and do goat tacos on the weekends and as mentioned previously they actually use the same tableware. Anybody out there know what's going on with this?

          1. re: mrgreenbeenz

            Jonathan Gold say's there is a "vaguely related" #2 whatever that means.

            1. re: monku

              Maybe they're related to El Huarache Azteca in Oakland.

    2. thanks guys. i guess it will remain a mystery. most importantly it sounds like it's worth a visit for those goat tacos and menudo

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      1. re: emosbaugh

        I've been there a number of times and have never seen any reference to goat on the weekends.
        Usually in these types of places they have a sign up for weekend specials like birria, borrego and menudo.
        I'll have to remember to ask next time.

        What's nice is they do barbacoa de borrego everyday.

        It's a great place for starving students.

        The burrito de borrego special is 3.50 and it's a nice portion.
        It comes with chips and a pretty substantial free side order of guacamole.

        1. re: burntwater

          Just an update. Huarache Azteca Numero Dos is now doing goat tacos all week long. I think it's 3 for $4 which is a steal because they are huge.

          1. re: mrgreenbeenz

            What does the menu say for that ?

            Does it say Birria de chivo or does it say Barbacoa?

            1. re: burntwater

              Not sure if it's on the menu. There's a sign posted up somewhere. I ask for the 'tacos de barbacoa' when I order them.

              1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                Thanks .Mr. Green,

                I think I found the source of the confusion.

                I'm pretty sure your eating Lamb tacos.

                If you look on their front window you will see painted on top Barbacoa de Borrego.

      2. I accidentally walked into this place and found myself eating a magnificent plate of borrego, better, well I should say better seasoned, than borrego de oro(which i still do like). awesome, awesome, awesome.

        the adobo salsa was a nice touch.