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Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs, Lawrenceville

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Sometimes just a dog will do and Captain's Paul's hit the spot - dead center.

J and I stopped here for lunch today and were impressed. I ordered a "Full Box" which is fireman's lingo for sending out everything from the station house. Here at Captain Paul's its a steamed Hatfield dog with a generous helping of sauerkraut, chopped sweet onions, relish and your choice of mustard. At $2, it's a steal and next time I'm ordering two.

Captain Paul, a retired Trenton fire captain, and his wife bought the former Italian ice stand a year ago and have since expanded the menu to include dogs and other items. Everything from the kitchen is named for a member of the service industry (troopers, general, EMT, paramedic, etc).

J had the General which is a two buffalo chicken tenders with a nice tangy sauce and blue cheese on a torpedo roll. Filling and good.

They also have an extensive selection of fried sides, hard and soft ice creams, shakes, sundaes and Italian ice. I had an order of onion rings and a chocolate shake. Both were very good.

There are picnic tables in their side yard and nice furniture with umbrellas out front to accomodate everyone. Plenty of parking as well.

The place is on Princeton Pike - out the back entrance of the Lawrence Shopping Center (plaza with Burlington Coat Factory off Route 1 Business,south).

We look forward to frequent visits.


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  1. Although I didn't see it on my hot dog places list I will certainly try it out when in the area for lunch asap...thank for the info looks interesting....


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      That's a great list! Check out Heids in Liverpool, NY (Syracuse) when you get up that way. A classic that's been around since 1917 serving Hoffman hots. Get a white (coney) and a red (frank). http://heidsofliverpool.com/

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        An update to an update on that Hot Dog list. The Little Ferry Callahans is gone. They built a Pollo Tropical there a few years back, and that is gone as well.

      2. Does anyone know which Hatfield dog they use here?

        1. NJ Monthly named Captain Paul's a critic's pick in the recent 2012 poll. Hopefully it will entice more people to support Captain Paul's as they are our local and regional fav.

          We stopped in for lunch on Saturday. Enjoyed two Full Boxes (Hatfield dog, sauerkraut, onions, relish and mustard), a Third Alarm (Hatfield dog, chili, onions and mustard) and a side of O-rings. Great people as well.

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            Next time there, ask which Hatfield dog. They have several. Most, in my opinion are horrible. They have one which is very good. It's the Hatfield NY style deli dog which is much better quality and has a natural casing. Made in PA to compete with Best and Sabrett. I'm guessing this is the dog served here.

          2. Thanks for the post. They're a short drive from my client's offices, and I stopped in for lunch today. A little surprised to see only 4 seats at the counter, but the outdoor dining facilities were pretty good.

            Had a 2 alarm (chili & cheese dog) and a Seal Team 6 (mustard and NY style onions).

            A little bland, but I'd go back.

            1. Finally got there today. Had the italian dog with peppers, potatoes and three monkeys' mustard on a torpedo roll. Good mustard-sweet and spicy with a delayed reaction on the spicy part. Big roll, little dog, so next time I'd order 2 (and I'd add sauerkraut). Only minor complaint--I didn't expect the potatoes to be french fries-- Aren't they usually a pan fried or roasted potato on a true Italian dog? No matter, I enjoyed it. Nice blend-in ice cream for dessert. It's a tiny place full of all sorts of police and fire memorabila--including a patch from the Int'l Space Station.