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Aug 6, 2010 11:34 AM

Looking for family friendly fish shacks and thick shakes near Deception Pass State Park

Heading to Deception Pass State Park in a few days for 4 nights of camping. We'll be mostly cooking on the fire but imagine we'll want to take a few outings for fried fish and milkshakes. I've read about the Shrimp Shack and Happy Donuts in or en route to Anacortes. Any other recommendations in Oak Harbor, Coupeville or Anacortes?

Shrimp Shack
6168 State Route 20, Anacortes, WA 98221

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  1. I've driven that route heading to Anacortes and do not remember seeing a single restaurant near the park. The Happy Donut (pink building on the west side of Commercial Avenue in Anacortes) had ice cream several years ago. I was there a few months ago for donuts and I didn't pay attention if they still had it. Their donuts are awesome so I'm guessing their ice cream would be good too if they still sell it. Actually, I think the first time I went in there, it was strictly ice cream and candy, they didn't even sell donuts.

    1. There is a Seybolt's Seafood just 100 yards south of the Deception Pass Bridge. Excellent fresh seafood, eat in or take out. It's not a shack, but it will meet your needs. The Deception Pass Cafe, a little north of the bridge sells ice cream, so it may satisfy your milkshake urges.

      1. We ended up enjoying the following:
        *Storks (in the bowling alley on Commercial Ave in Anacortes) for very batter fried fish and chips made with really fresh fish. They also had a good chowder, not too gloopy like most are these days. Great stop for a rainy camping day.
        *Happy Donut for espresso shake made with a shot of espresso and coffee ice cream. their donuts looked fabulous and fresh but we were too full.
        *Bob's Chowder house for excellent, sweet fried shrimp. (the chowder and fried fish and oyesters were so-so).
        *Shrimp Shack for fried shrimp, shake and fries. The shrimp are large local prawns, very moist and sweet fried in a thick batter. They are intense, but good.

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          storks has free chowder with fish on fridays.
          happy donuts has funny rivalry with donut house. donut house for almond bear claws, apple fritters. happy donut for donuts, sometimes has chinese stuffed buns in morning.
          sorry to hear about bobs, have heard it is good but havent been myself.
          shrimp shack has good onion rings, pass on mac salad. good local beef burgers, haven't decided if i prefer the one topped with fried oyster. think i'll try again tomorrow. the boiled shrimp with heads on scare me.
          seybolts used to have a pretty good smoked salmon pate.