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Aug 6, 2010 11:31 AM

Bluestar's recent quality / CS complaints?

I've been doing a lot of digging online to find out about Bluestar's quality and customer service. It seems to me that a lot of positive posts were made at one time, and more recently there are a lot of reports of failed igniters and, more scary, no help from Bluestar / difficulty getting parts and service for months after the problem is reported.

I am looking to replace a 30" drop-in cooktop with a 30" pro style rangetop and debating between Wolf and Bluestar. I wanted to get the Bluestar because it has open burners in a 30" model (Wolf is sealed only) but the posts I have seen from folks who can't get repairs or a straight answer from Bluestar for months are really bothering me. I even read that Bluestar employees (maybe this is really paranoid) have trolled forums and communities online and posted positive comments in the past.

I want a durable product, and one that the manufacturer is willing to be responsible for. Anyone have some insight? Any recent real experiences with Bluestar?

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  1. I've had a 30" Blue Star for about two years. No problems at all. I love it.

    1. We've had our 36" range for 5 years. The only repair was replacing the oven thermostat last December. I'm beginning to think that it may be time for some ignitors or the module- burners are starting to take longer to light and stop clicking. I ordered the thermostat and had it within a couple days.

      I think most of the real complaints are regarding the oven door hinges, and I have the impression that that's only on the 30" models. You obviously wouldn't have that concern ordering a rangetop.

      I'd check into whether the rangetop would have the new ignitor modules (dedicated rather than multiple burners ganged and all sparking at the same time). And I'd consider getting just one 22k burner. Two 22k's out of 4 burners would be too many for me.

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      1. re: ted

        why would 2 22k burners be too much? you don't have to use them on full blast all the time, no?

        1. re: redgirl

          That's right. But they also turn down a little less than the 15k burners. One of mine has a little spot in the casting that keeps the igniter from sitting as close as it could and therefore turns down even less. That's with me using the adjustment screw to get it as low as I can.

          I love cooking full out, but I have to admit that the majority of my cooking is small-to-medium pans over not-super-high heat. If I had 2 out of 4 burners at 22k BTU, that'd be too much for me. YMMV.

      2. I've had a 48" top for about 3 years and love it, no problems so far so can't comment on service.


        1. I am having an absolutely horrible time getting service from Bluestar. One ignitor has been working on and off from day one, now the oven hinges are in need of fixing - this on a $5000 stove after two years of domestic service.

          I am getting passed from pillar to post between my appliance store and the local distributor. Bluestar Headquarters doesn't seem to answer the phone at any time. An absolute joke.

          I wish I would have bought a Viking instead.

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          1. re: andreas

            Update: Somebody at Bluestar did answer the phone finally. Even though the stove was out of warrantee they acknowledged the problem as a design and quality issue and shipped a new oven door via FedEx at no cost to me. Changing the door was ultra simple, two clips and it slid right out and back in.

            So now I am happy again.